No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1258

On the other side, the head of the Cabello family and others were worried about something. They paced around the hall and their faces looked concerned.

Daniella had been out for more than a month. When she left a letter announcing that she went out to search for treasures and resources in the forest, the group did not expect that she would not return for so long.

The Cabello family had sent out a lot of their men to search in the forest that they normally frequent for the treasure hunt, nonetheless, not a single trace of Daniella had been found. This made the Cabello family feel agonized and worried.

“Dad, don’t worry about Daniella, she’ll be alright. Let’s go!”

At the square of the Cabello family, the First Young Mistress Cabello gazed at Alejandro Cabello—the head of the Cabello family—and said, smilingly, “Daniellita is a smart and quick-witted girl. She will not be in trouble; she’ll be alright. Besides, who has that brave heart to offend the current Cabello family? Aren’t they afraid of our revenge? So, I think Daniellita is just being playful and not wanting to come back so soon. She must be hanging and fooling around somewhere!”

“I do hope so. Sigh! That young lady is prideful and arrogant sometimes. What worries me is that she had never gone out of Cabello island before. Now that she is on her own, I’m worried that she is too simple-minded, and that others would dig a pit for her! That’d be really troublesome!”

Alejandro sighed aloud in his heart. The more time passed, the more concerned was his heart.

After all, his three daughters were good-looking and considered as beauties of the island. Even though one of them—the elder daughter—was already twenty-nine years old, a lot of young masters still fell head over heels for her! Not to mention his youngest daughter, a playful, high-spirited yet gorgeous young lady, who would make any young men fall for her effortlessly. Her every gesture—smile, laugh, walk—was like a drug, injected into young men’s veins and making them addicted to her.

Therefore, if such a beauty left the home and went on an adventure for more than a month, the father obviously would be worried.

The First Young Mistress Cabello’s pallor went unsightly after hearing her father’s words. She was worried but she could only force a smile and comfort his father, “She’ll be okay. She’s definitely alright. I have faith in her!”

“Sigh! Let’s depart now. We can only try to be optimistic!”

Alejandro knew that his daughter was saying that to comfort herself too. He smiled and waved his hand. A flying carpet suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

The flying carpet rose in the wind, and soon it grew to a size that could accommodate nearly a thousand people.

“Let’s go!”

Four to five hundred men hopped onto the flying carpet and sat on it. With a flicker of movement in Alejandro’s mind, the flying carpet flew out and went straight in the direction of the mainland.

“Sigh! The White family doesn’t have any flying treasure. Every time we have such an event, we have to go by land!”

Jack and the others were on their way to the tournament at this time. The First Elder—who was at the front—sighed at the situation.

“Such treasure is rare. The higher-level treasures are known as spiritual tools. As for a treasure that can fly, heh, it’s even rarer!”

Nash smiled bitterly and explained.

“Spiritual tool?”

Jack heard the words and a few lines form between his snapped brows. “I don’t have much knowledge about spiritual tools, and I’ve never heard that there are different levels among spiritual tools!”


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