No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1269

Jack stopped walking and closed his hands into fists as he was extremely angry.

Such a fee should not have been taken from them in the first place and they had never asked for this fee in the past. It was unfair as it was something the Hunt family came up with to make money. Who knew that the other party would take the payment as if it was reasonable. They even dared look down at them because they had the support of powerful people behind their backs.

“Let it be!” Nash glanced at Jack and smiled helplessly. “This is how the world is. The right to speak goes to those who are more powerful. The Hunt family has four masters of the peak stage real god level. They also have a large number of masters who are in the final and intermediate stage of the real god level. We aren’t compatible with them as they have high level martial skills. Not only the Hunt family, we also need to give way to the other families!”

Jack naturally understood that his actions also represent the White family. He loosened his fists after nodding in agreement and said, “Alright, I understand. Those families would not dare to bully us or look down at us if we strengthen the White family!”

“Yes, there’s no other ways. Let’s try our best to strengthen the White family!” Nash sighed. The 1000 over pieces of spirited stones were sufficient for the younger generations of the White family to use for one month.

However, they could not do anything when they were faced with such domineering charges. They were not the only one, even families like the Cabello family would have to pay the spirited stones when they arrived.

“We should not have entered the city if we knew that this was going to happen. We could have found a cave and stayed outside for several days!” the Second Elder said angrily as he walked. He had obviously never experienced such abbreviation.

“That would not work!” Nash shook his head. “That would be nothing if this was ten years ago. However, we’re one of the Eight Shadow Families not and a member of the first-class shadow family. The others might look down on us or despise us if we stayed outside. Especially those families who lost to us, they’re working hard to increase their strength with hopes to pull us down and make themselves one of the first-class shadow families!”

The Second Elder nodded helplessly. “That’s true. After all, it had been mentioned in the last meeting that the first-class shadow families have to remain at eight families within the next twenty years while the other families are second or third-class shadow families. There will be a discussion for the increase of the numbers after twenty years!”

As it had turned dark, the group soon found a small hotel.

“Oh my, isn’t this Master White?” The owner immediately recognized Nash and welcomed them happily.

“Boss Lane, we need fifty-two rooms. How much spirited stones do you need?” Nash smiled at the other party. “We should follow the old rules and how about a 20% discount?”

Boss Lane smiled bitterly after he heard this. “The budget is too tight. Master White, the other hotels don’t give discounts nowadays and after calculating everything, you would need one hundred pieces of spirited stones. What if I only take ninety pieces from you?”

“One hundred pieces?” Nash was slightly surprised when he heard this. “Isn’t fifty enough based on the previous pricing? Why is it so expensive?”

“Brother, the price has increased. The price of everything has increased over the year. Everybody had increased their prices and if I don’t, those in the same industry might cause me trouble. It’s impossible for me to go against those big bosses, right? You need to put yourself in my shoe!” The boss smiled bitterly. He raised his hands and reassured Nash as he was afraid that Nash did not want the rooms. “Brother, ninety stones is already a discount for you. I can swear to you if you don’t believe me. You can take a look at the other hotels out there. Those hotels are more expensive and they don’t offer discounts!”


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