No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1272

Jack was not dumb. He was also surprised when the other party rushed over.

However, he soon understood that this old man dared not kill him and was only planning to hurt him.

After all, if this old man killed him here at this moment, his father and the elders of the White family would go into a war with them. The Lagorios were obviously not the opponents of the Whites.

Hence, this old man wanted him to be hurt and let the other opponents kill him in the competition.

However, Trenton had really underestimated Jack’s combat power. Jack thought that the other party had the fighting prowess at the final stage of the real god level so he did not use his entire strength too. In the end, he ended in the same situation as the other party. He believed that if he used his full strength, Trenton would be unable to kill him even if he used his full strength.

“Haha… This test of yours really caught me by surprise!” Jack laughed but he had already made up his mind. He would definitely kill this old man when there is a chance in the future.

He was lucky that his father and the elders were here today. If that was not the case, this old man would definitely kill him without holding back.

“This young man is really at the intermediate stage of the real god level?” Diana’s facial expression was also darkened. Jack’s talents caused her to secretly feel unsettled. Such talents were hard to come by, especially when this young man came back from the outside world. If this guy had always been training in the White family and did not lack martial resources, his current fighting prowess…

Nash’s facial expression also darkened. Trenton had broken through and achieved the peak stage of the real god level. This meant that their family also had a master in the peak stage of the real god level and the overall strength of their family was hugely raised.

The current Lagorio family had looked at the White family as their enemy and it was not a good thing for this to continue.

“Yes, if he isn’t at the intermediate stage of the real god level, he would not have been able to block my attack so easily just now!”

Trenton glanced at Jack again before turning to speak to Boss Lane. “Boss Lane, why don’t you give these rooms to us. We’ve always been helping you with your business in the past!”

An awkward expression immediately appeared in Boss Lane’s face. He also heard about the change in the relationship between these two families. Such important news would definitely be spreaded around as long as a person was discussing it.

He smiled bitterly before speaking to Trenton. “Master Lagorio, I’m sorry but we’ve already decided on the price. Apart from that, I need to honor those who come first when I’m handling a business deal. I’m really sorry about this today. I think it’s best if you check the hotels next door for rooms!”

“I can pay more money. How about six hundred pieces of spirited stones?” Trenton was obviously unconvinced and wanted to compete. That was why he proactively raised the price.

“This…” Boss Lane hesitated before finally smiling bitterly and said. “Master Lagorio, there’s really not much that I can do about this. It’s not only about money!”

“Haha… I know. It’s because they are a first-class aristocratic family, right? I think that you’re bullying the weak and afraid of the strong. You’re really stupid for not earning that money!” Trenton laughed and soon he was stunned when he saw a beauty among the crowd. “Hey, isn’t that the Third Young Mistress Cabello? Third young mistress, I am curious as to why you’re with the Whites?”

“Haha… Master Lagorio, it’s not up to you to decide the people from which family I run with?” Daniella saw what happened just now. She was surprised and extremely worried when she saw how the other party attacked Jack.

However, she was embarrassed to say anything on behalf of the others because she was not a member of the White family so she only remained standing among the crowd.

Who knew that Trenton would discover her so quickly.

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