No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1273

”Haha… That’s right, that’s right. Who am I to say anything about what the Cabellos want to do!” Trenton laughed embarrassingly before waving his hands and said to the other Lagorios. “Let’s go, let’s go!”

Trenton led them to the streets after he finished speaking.

However, he had no idea that he would run into another crowd just as he walked out from the hotel.

He was instantaneously happy when he saw this crowd because this was none other than the Cabellos.

He immediately ran over and said to Master Cabello. “Master Cabello, we are really fated with one another. Who knew that I would bump into you guys just as I arrived in this city! Such fate!”

“Haha… Yes, it’s been a long time since we last met, Master Lagorio!” Alejandro laughed with a slight despise in his eyes.

He had never liked the Lagorios because the Lagorios and the White had an exceptionally good relationship in the past when Lily was Nash’s wife. Hence, the disciples in both families had always got into altercations when they were searching for valuable items.

“Master Cabello, by the way, I’m curious about something. I just saw Third Young Mistress Cabello and I’m wondering why is she with the White family members? Apart from that, she even spoke on behalf of them. After all, you also know that the relationship between your family and the White was not that good?” Trenton quickly said. He added another sentence after he finished. “Our Lagorio family is also the enemies of the White family right now!”

“What?! You’re saying that Daniella is with the White family right now?” Alejandro had been worried about Daniella’s safety. His eyes lit up when he heard this and he immediately spoke in excitement. “Where is she? Why is she with the White and is speaking on behalf of them?”

Trenton pointed at the hotel not far away. “They are in that hotel. I can see that the third young mistress is very innocent and I’m worried if she had been conned by the White family!”

“They are in the hotel?” Alejandro was slightly stunned before he led the Cabellos and walked into the hotel.

“Third sister, it really is third sister!” First Young Mistress Cabello was delighted when she immediately saw Daniella who was ready to go upstairs.

“This is great, it really is Daniella!” Venus Cabello smiled as she was also extremely excited.

“Eldest sister, second sister!” Daniella immediately ran over when she saw them. “This is great! I really miss you guys as it’s been a long time since I last saw you. Who knew that I would meet you once I entered this city!”

“Daniella, why are you with this bunch of people? Did they make things difficult for you?” Alejandro relaxed when he saw that Daniella was safe but he still asked with a cold expression on his face.

“Father, it happened like this. I was caught by a bunch of mountain brigands when I was out looking for treasures. The leader was so disgusting that he even wanted to make me his wife!” Daniella immediately had a wronged expression on her face. She turned around to look at Jack before she continued to speak. “Luckily the young master of the White family, Jack, saved me. That’s why I am alive and able to see you guys today!”

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