No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1274

“Really? A White family member rescued you?” Alejandro had a weird expression on his face when he heard this. According to the situation between both families, it was good enough that the White family did not hit the Cabello who was in danger. Who knew that they would actually save his daughter.

He had to wonder what the White family wanted and if they had other thoughts in their heads.

“Yes, father. Jack is really talented and strong!” Daniella was slightly shy when she mentioned Jack. She proactively praised Jack.

“Who’s Jack?!” Alejandro looked in front as he said loudly.

Jack smiled slightly as he walked forward. He gestured towards Alejandro and said. “Greetings to Master Cabello, I am Jack. I helped Third Young Mistress Cabello as I happened to see her in a difficult situation the other day. After all, I cannot stand the people who bully and humiliate women all the time!”

Alejandro looked at Jack before nodding and gesturing at him. “Thank you very much!”

“You’re welcome, Master Cabello!” Jack returned the polite gesture.

Unexpectedly, Trenton, who was listening for some time after a short while, would push the crowds away and walk in at this moment. He said to Alejandro. “Master Cabello, don’t you fall for this guy’s sweet words. This young man is Nash’s illegitimate son and has returned from the outside world. He has many bad habits and is definitely not a good person. It’s best if you don’t believe in him!”

Daniella was extremely angry when she heard how this old man dared come in and said something bad about Jack.

She immediately walked forward and said to Trenton angrily. “Trenton Lagorio, what are you talking about? You must hate the White family because your daughter acted indecent all the time and was finally swept out of the house by the White family. Do you think that my father is stupid? Do you think that he doesn’t know that your family hates the White family right now? Do you think that he will listen to what you said?”

“You…” Trenton’s face turned crimson from anger. The Third Young Mistress Cabello was so daring. Not only did she talk back at him, she even dared to directly call him by his name.

However, he soon suppressed his anger. He knew clearly that Daniella dared act so arrogantly at this moment because the Cabellos were here, if not, she would never dare say something like this.

He chose to ignore the Third Young Mistress Cabello, instead said to Alejandro with a smile. “Master Cabello, take a look. You should take a look at this daughter of yours. She has been brainwashed by the White and is speaking on behalf of the White. Have you people forgotten how many of the Cabello family disciples fought with the White family disciples? Have you forgotten about the Cabellos who died?”

The corners of Alejandro’s mouth slightly twitched before he smiled at Trenton. “Master Lagorio, don’t you worry. I know clearly what kind of a person my daughter is. We do not need you to say anything regarding the affairs of the Cabello family. After all, I’m doubtful about the hidden intentions behind your words based on the situation between the Lagorios and the White.”

“Haha!” Trenton laughed and gestured with his hands before walking towards the door. “Master Cabello, I’m just reminding you out of kindness, you can choose to believe it or not. After all, you know clearly about your previous grudges!”

Trenton soon left after he finished speaking.

“No matter what, I have to thank you for saving my daughter!”

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