No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1275

Alejandro glanced at Jack after Trenton left. He then flipped his hand and came up with a first grade premium pill. He threw the pill to Jack. “This is a token of our gratitude. We, the Cabellos, do not like to owe others any favors.

Alejandro paused before continuing to speak. “However, just to set the record straight. The people from our family will not hold back if they meet anybody from the White family during this competition. Do you understand?”

“A first grade premium pill?” Jack looked at the pill in his hands. Although this pill looked normal, it was a hard to comeby precious item. After all, this had a great effect for someone in the final stage of the real god level.

It looked like Alejandro really loved his daughter, Daniella. Not only did he apologize to his opposing clan, he even gave them a pill to show his gratitude. No ordinary people could do something like this.

“Master, this…” The facial expression of a Cabello family’s old man darkened. He was obviously unwilling to give such a precious item to a member of the White family.

“It’s alright, it’s just a pill. My daughter’s life is much more valuable than this pill and I don’t want to owe the White family anything! If not, I don’t want them speaking things behind our backs if our people accidentally kill masters of the White family during the competition. I don’t want them saying that we repaid their kindness with hatred and that we don’t know how to be grateful!” Alejandro smiled coldly and said.

The elder nodded before walking back.

“Father, can’t the relationship between both families ease up? Jack rescued me and he’s a very nice person!” Daniella was extremely anxious that she stomped her leg as she spoke.

“I said that these two are different things. I do not want to owe the White family but the competition will be just like how it used to be. Do you understand? If there are any altercations during the competition, we can’t allow our people to give in to them, right?” Alejandro looked at Daniella seriously. “Alright, I haven’t given you a scolding for running away secretly and almost lost your life. How dare you talk on behalf of the White family? Do you know that you’re making yourself a joke to the entire family if you act like this?!”

“I don’t care. I only know that Jack and I are good friends and he’s the one who saved me so I’m remembering his good deeds in my heart!” Daniella pursed her lips and hugged her hands in front of her chest while saying angrily.

“You…” Alejandro gritted his teeth before turning around to look at Nash and the others. He gestured at them. “Nash White, your family has suffered a huge loss previously and if your younger masters suffer a huge loss in this competition… Haha… By then, it would be difficult to keep your position of number eight and nobody would admit that you’re a first-class shadow family!”

Nash smiled and gestured with his hands. “Thank you Master Cabello for your care. We are clear about this and I believe that my son and the others would be able to get great results!”

“Haha… It’s great that you guys are so confident!” Alejandro laughed and walked towards the entrance. “Daniella, let’s go!”

“Father…” Daniella was feeling extremely bad. She originally thought that Jack rescued her and she hoped that the relationship between both families would ease up because of this. Who knew that her father was still so hard-headed and she was lucky to not have mentioned that Jack was her boyfriend or that she wanted to be with Jack. Who knew how angry Alejandro would get if she said that.

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