No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1277

Daniella explained what happened yesterday with a smile as she walked toward him. Not only was she afraid Jack would be upset about what happened yesterday, but she also feared he would distance himself from her because of it.

“Third Sister, why are you explaining that to this guy? Sure, he saved you, but we’ve returned the favor and don’t owe him anything!” fretted Helena as she grimaced.

“That’s right, Third Sister. Don’t forget that both families had our fair share of arguments during the competitions in the past!” Venus also reminded Daniella angrily. “Sister, Father had reminded you to not get too close with members of the White family. Do you get it? We’re afraid that you’re being used!”

Daniella stomped her leg anxiously and quickly explained, “Sister, Jack isn’t that sort of person!”

“Ladies, both of you are overthinking things. With the White family’s current position and situation, we can’t compete with your Cabello family, and we don’t want to cause any trouble either. Apart from that, I don’t use such means when I do something, so you can all relax!” Jack smiled indifferently before speaking to the two of them again, “Think about it, you two: If the White family wanted to do anything to Daniella, would you still have the chance to see her now?”

Helena crossed her arms at her chest as she refuted, “That’s not definite. Who knows what you people are thinking about.”

Venus, on the other hand, frowned as she noted something peculiar. “Young man, you addressed my sister as Daniella? Who allowed you to address her in such an intimate way? You’re really gutsy for addressing my sister that way. I think you have thoughts about my sister. It’s true that men are perverts, and they’re all bad!”

Venus looked at Daniella at this point and said, “Daniella, you need to be careful. I think he’s being nice to you just for your beauty. There are no good men nowadays. I think he’s just a toad craving for something that’s out of his league!”

Surprisingly, Daniella blushed abashedly as she replied, “Sister, stop speaking nonsense! I… I was the one who asked him to address me as that. The two of us are really, really good friends right now, and him calling me Daniella doesn’t mean anything!”

Helena and Venus were embarrassed when they heard this. They could not imagine that Daniella was the one who asked Jack to address her by her name.

They wondered if Daniella felt good toward Jack or had feelings for him because he rescued her.

At that moment, several people walked over and one of the men in white clothes said happily, “Oh, my! Aren’t these the three beauties of the Cabello family? We’re really lucky to bump into these Three Golden Flowers in our stroll!”

Jack also glanced at them, his expression darkened at that instant. He never expected to meet members of the Norman family again.

“Haha… Seems like we got a toad here, too!” spoke Keith disdainfully as he glanced at Jack. “Young man, Ms. Daniella traveled with you people before, but why are you still following them when she’s already met up with the Cabello family? Are you thinking of ways to win the affections of these three Cabello beauties?”

“You should remember your identity,” Joshua Norman chimed in. “Your family is far beneath the Norman family. Apart from that, you’re just an illegitimate child who returned from the outside world. You aren’t worthy to be with any of them based on these facts!”

“You are not the ones to decide if I’m worthy or not.” Jack had a darkened expression on his face and grew irritated.

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