No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1279

“Hmph! This isn’t over, young man. Don’t forget: a person’s true combat power is assessed with that person’s weapon and martial skills. And I haven’t used my full power either! I admit that I’ve underestimated you.” Conley was bitter as he had lost his dignity in front of three beautiful ladies.

Wiping the blood from the corners of his mouth, Conley flipped his hand and revealed a sword.

“A weapon?” Jack smiled and said, “Are you forgetting something?”

Jack also flipped his hand after he spoke and revealed the black sword.

“That… That flying sword is yours? You can use it to attack apart from flying?” Conley’s facial expression darkened when he saw that the sword in Jack’s hands was identical to the flying sword they saw previously, only smaller.

He thought that such a precious item would belong to Nash. Who would have thought that it was Jack’s?

With that, they did not have any advantages in terms of weapons.

They knew that this sword was an upper-grade spiritual tool. Such a weapon was superior with his lower-grade spiritual tool at hand, and the sword in his hands was already a rare treasure.

Joshua and Keith, who were in the real-god level’s intermediate stage, glowered just like Conley.

It felt impossible to fight against Jack individually, but they could surely win if they attacked together.

However, it was a petty move if they attacked Jack together with the three Cabello beauties present. Would they not leave a bad impression on Helena, Venus, and Daniella if they teamed against Jack?

“What? Are we continuing the fight?” Jack asked with a smile when he saw them stunned.

Conley put the sword in his hand away and growled, “I’ll hold myself from hurting you now, young man, but you’d do well to remember this—I’ll settle this with you in the competition. By then, I won’t hold back.”

“Really? I hope that we can meet by then!” Jack chuckled, knowing how the other party held fear against him. Why else would they let him go?

“We’ll see then, young man!” ended Joshua and left with his two other brothers in a dejected manner.

Venus glanced at Helena and said softly, “Eldest sister, I think Conley underestimated Jack, so he didn’t give it his all. Don’t you think so?”

“That has to be it,” Helena replied warily. “However, no matter how it is, this young man is at least in the real-god level’s intermediate stage. This level of fighting prowess is incredible!”

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