No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1280

“You’ve guessed correctly, Sister, he is in the real-god level’s intermediate stage. Isn’t he talented? Although he had just broken through, Second Sister can’t beat him!” Daniella was filled with pride as she talked about Jack, admiring his brilliance and wisdom. She had lied to Jack that they had slept together the other night when they were drunk, not thinking he would genuinely believe it and take responsibility.

Jack dared not comment on the matter and approach his wife about it—everything happened so suddenly.

As for Daniella, she had already taken Jack as her boyfriend though she kept quiet about it, fearing her family would be outraged.

“What? I can’t beat him? Haha! My combat power is one of the highest among those in this level of fighting prowess!” Venus refused to believe in Daniella’s words, frowning when she noted Daniella’s pride-filled, awe-struck expression. “Daniella, have you fallen for him?”

Daniella reeled in shock at the sudden suggestion, and she quickly denied the idea with a wave of her hand. “W—What? Don’t make things up, Sister, I don’t like him!”

Alas, her guilty conscience gave her away in her reaction, and the blush on her face added the evidence.

“Look at you, you’re all shy and blushing! I think you really like him!” Venus was irritated as she warned, “Daniella, I’m telling you this: Our family has bad blood with theirs. Father will be extremely angry if he learns about this!”

“Nothing’s going on between us, Sister. Why don’t you believe me? Nothing’s happening!” Daniella started explaining again. She knew she could not say anything about their relationship at this moment, no matter what it was. Her parents would only accept if others saw Jack’s talents in the future and that everybody knew how strong he was, or when the relationship between both families was better.

“Alright, alright! I believe in you.” Venus stopped insisting when she saw Daniella’s eyes turn red from being anxious. Instead, she glanced at Jack before speaking to Daniella, “Daniella, let me tell you something: Don’t be fascinated because he looks handsome. Most of the time, such a handsome man is unreliable, especially a man with a wife is even more unreliable.”

Daniella was ashamed, though she offered a sheepish smile. “I get it, Sister!”

“I best take my leave, girls. With you beautiful three ladies here, I’m afraid somebody will accuse me of having motives if I stay longer.” Jack gave an awkward smile and gestured his hands at the three. He realized that the hatred between the White family and the Cabello family was unusually deep, and it would not be easy to resolve.

Helena glanced at Jack and said, “I acknowledged that you saved my sister before, young man, but don’t expect us to let you win deliberately during the competition. Do you understand?”

“I know. I won’t let you girls win just like that either!” Jack turned around and slowly walked forward.

At that moment, a portly man came toward them with his clique. “Oh my, Helena, what a coincidence! Never thought we’d meet here!”

This man’s eyes lit up upon seeing the Cabello sisters. He strode toward them and grabbed Helena’s hand in excitement.

“Young Master Hunt, please have some respect for yourself!”

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