No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1286

Helena spit a few times right after the Second Young Master Hunt left the scene. She was so disgusted that she spit and wiped her mouth several times.

“Haha! Missy, you’re really something. You’re willing to sacrifice your first kiss to frame me!”

Jack chuckled at the side. “This is the downfall of trying to harm people! Also, don’t forget, it was me who helped you out this time. You owe me a favor!” Jack added.

Helena shot Jack a deadly glare upon hearing his words. “From what I see, you’re taking advantage of me! And you actually dare to say that I owe you a favor?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. If it wasn’t for me, the Second Young Master Hunt would have brought his men and gone over to your Cabello family to ask for your hand in marriage. Shouldn’t you thank me for saving you from him?”

Jack sneered coldly. In Jack’s eyes, she brought the trouble upon herself.

Nonetheless, he quickly thought of something and wheeled his head, facing Daniella who stood not far away from them. The current Daniella was full of loath and hatred; her face sank into the deepest abyss and she could not be more unhappy. She pouted.

She saw with her own eyes this time, that Jack and Helena…

“Daniella, I did not expect that to happen. Your sister…”

Jack approached Daniella and explained to her in an embarrassed tone.

Daniella gave a bitter smile. She quickly calmed down and said, “Well, I know. It’s not like you initiate it, how can I blame you? Besides, my sister had no other options then. That Second Young Master hunt is too abominable!”

Speaking of which, Daniella’s face turned solemn. “The Second Young Master Hunt has now targeted you. I’m worried that he would play tricks against you during the tournament. We’re not clear with the rules of this tournament up until now. I’m afraid that he would talk to his father and plot against you! They might set unreasonable rules just to bring you down!”

Jack’s brow snapped together at Daniella’s concerns. “It shouldn’t be possible, right? After all, there are so many families participating in this competition. If the competition is biased against a certain family, it’d be unjust, and everyone would know! The Hunt family is the strongest among the eight shadow families. If they really did that, their reputation and image would be ruined.

“Daniella, why are you worried for this fella?”

Helena interjected when she saw her sister chatting happily with Jack. And when she thought of her kiss with Jack a moment ago, she was furious and disgusted. But, at the same time, she could not think of a better way to deal with the situation.

“Sis, it’s all your fault! If it weren’t for you, Jack wouldn’t have been targeted by the Second Young Master Hunt.”

Daniella looked at Helena in exasperation. Although Jack possessed excellent combat prowess and martial status, it would still be a headache if the Hunt family decided to target him. After all, the Second Young Master Hunt was much stronger than the Young Master of the Norman family.

“I…I had no choice. Daniella, do you truly want to see your big sister marry that fat *ss? Besides, didn’t you hear what he said? If I didn’t kiss Jack, he’d think that I was fooling him and he’ll make his father fight the Cabello family!”

Helena explained with an aggrieved expression on her face. “What else could I do? Although I’ve lost my first kiss and it was a big loss to me, I was out of wit at that moment. The Second Young Master Hunt is the apple of his father’s eyes! It’d be more difficult to deal with if they ordered an attack on the Cabello family!”

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