No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1289

“I’m not sure about Jack’s martial status. If it’s high, it shouldn’t be that easy to kill him.” Alejandro responded after giving some thoughts on the matter.

“Daniella said that Jack has reached the middle stage of the true god realm. Moreover, that fella’s talent is extremely extraordinary!”

At this moment, Helena’s thought ran back to the scene where she and Jack shared a kiss on the street. She could not help but blush at the thought. That was her first kiss; she never expected her first kiss would be taken away by Jack just like that.

The only thing that comforted Helena was that Jack was quite good-looking. If he were ugly and unsightly, Helena would have banged her head against the wall, feeling like she had lost something precious.

“Middle stage of the true god realm? His martial status is not bad at all. Hmmm. Why do I feel that his talent is much stronger than yours?”

Alejandro smiled bitterly. “The White family finally has an extraordinary martial master. If they continue to grow like it, wouldn’t it be bad for us?”

Alejandro paused before continuing, “If the Second Young Master Hunt could defeat and kill Jack in the tournament, it might not be a bad thing at all. After all, we’re not on good terms with the White family, and we don’t know what the future is like. That brat came back from the secular world, and he managed to reach this state, which is incredibly talented. If he were to continue to improve, breaking through to the peak of the true god realm is not an impossible task!”

“Sigh! Do you think the White family will blame me for his death when the time comes? After all, I’m the culprit for making Jack the target of the Hunt family!”

Helena sighed aloud; she was overwhelmed by her conscience.

“Silly girl!”

Alejandro hastened to comfort. “The world works in such a way that the weak are always the prey to the strong. You did nothing wrong. Besides, even if Jack was killed by the Hunt family, the murder is done during the tournament. Even if Nash White feels unhappy, he has to swallow his anger, because the tournament’s rules are set by many powerful families together. It doesn’t matter if Jack was the one who killed the other party or vice versa, both parties are not allowed to take revenge and pursue further!”

“But, the Second Young Master Hunt is not a kind man. I’m afraid that he will not only target Jack but also the rest of the men in the White family. If too many men from the White family die on that day, I don’t think Nash will sit aside and abide by the rules!”

Helena gave a dry smile. Although she knew that the Cabello family was not on good terms with the White family, she never wanted to stir up any trouble for the White family. It would be more troublesome in the future.

“All right, don’t overthink this matter anymore. You must not affect your heart and spirit. If it does, it will affect your future breakthrough to the next level, understand?”

Alejandro reminded Helena gently, then added, “Go back and rest early. Tomorrow we’ll depart in the morning for the tournament. Please prepare yourself and do your best in the tournament. After all, this is a matter of the Cabello family’s reputation!”


Helena bobbed her head and left the room.

Time passed quickly. On the next morning, the major families among the hidden families, including the eight shadow families, dozens of second-class families, and some third-class families had set off to the tournament. They headed straight to the Kobe Mountain outside the city.


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