No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1290

“That’s so amazing! Young Master Jack, thank you so much! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have had the chance to break through to the peak of the true god realm!”

On the way to Kobe Mountain, the First Elder of the White family—Kenneth White—said with immense joy.

“Hehe, you’re welcome. It’s only a matter of time for you to break through to the peak of the true god realm. We’re all family, there’s nothing to thank me for!”

Jack chuckled and responded nonchalantly.

Nash—who was beside Jack—was worried; his face sank. “Jack, I heard that you’ve offended the Second Young Master of the Hunt family, and the other party had even warned you about killing you in the tournament. So when the tournament starts, you have to be extremely careful and pay full attention to your opponent!” Nash said to Jack.

Jack nodded and smiled, “Father, don’t worry. My combat prowess and martial status are not low, it’s not easy for him to kill me. Besides, I have the ultimate-grade spiritual weapon, remember? If I can’t fight anymore, I’ll run. He can’t catch up with me.”

Nash felt relieved at Jack’s words and laughed, “Oh, you’re right! I almost forgot about the weapon!”

“We don’t know how the tournament rules are going to be. But if that Second Young Master Hunt wants to fight against Young Master Jack in the tournament, it won’t be easy, right? After all, there are so many other contestants in the competition!”

Yolanda Lagorio—who had broken through from the early stage to the middle stage of the true god realm—gave her two cents after thinking about the whole situation.

“But, don’t forget this time the tournament’s rules are all set by the Hunt family. If they insist on fighting against Jack in the tournament, I don’t think we can avoid that!”

Nash let out a bitter smile and said, “In the past, we didn’t have to be careful with the Lagorio family; they even helped us in the tournament. But this year, everything is different. We not only need to guard against the Hunt family but also the Lagorio family. I’m afraid that we’ll experience a big loss if they target our men!”

Titus White—who was beside them—opined with a gloomy face. The young generation of the White family possessed good talent. Within these two months, several young masters gained breakthroughs in their martial arts and techniques; the overall combat prowess was one level above than before.

However, the White family still seemed feeble compared to the other seven families whose foundation and heritage were built decades ago. In the past, the White family had help from the Lagorio family in these tournaments, plus the other seven families tried not to offend each other, hence the loss was not big in such tournaments.

But the situation was not quite the same this year. Not only did the White family have to fight without the help of the Lagorio family, but they had also offended many people from first-class families. Even worse, some second-class families who were at a similar level with the White family, could not wait to pull them down from the first-class family status. This time, the crisis that the White family had to face was a hundred times worse than before.

“Everyone, please be careful and be fully focused during the tournament! Several young masters from the Norman family seem to dislike Young Master Jack as well. So, we have to put our guards up against the Norman family too!”

Titus reminded the group with a bitter smile after realizing something important.

Yule White, on the other hand, pouted and expressed in an exasperated tone, “It’s not easy for me to break through to the late stage of the demi-god realm. Hmph! I thought I would be able to achieve good results this time, but looking at this situation, this tournament is big trouble for us!”

Beth White laughed out loud at the side, “Yule, don’t think too much, okay? How much better results can you get? It’d be considered fortunate if we were able to defeat some of those second-class families. Our White family has always been at the bottom of the eight shadow families’ list. We were at the bottom in the past, so I think it’ll be the same this year too. As for the Lagorio family, nah, they won’t be able to defeat us!”

“Sister Beth, I’m truly envious of you! You’ve broken through to the early stage of the true god realm. It’d be great if I could break through to the true god realm as well!”

Yule stared at Beth with an envious expression on her face.

“There’s nothing to be envious of because I’m older than you! You, sooner or later, will break through to the true god realm!”

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