No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1296

These two powerhouses are in the middle of the True God Realm and they are extremely powerful. Their sheer power, coupled with the thick aura, caused a massive explosion like a huge thunder crack, making a deafening sound, so much so that many people stood up in surprise and looked at the sky in shock.

“No? This kid didn’t get blown away!”

Darryl originally thought that Jack would definitely be blown away by his son’s punch, and even suffer serious injuries, but instead it was a stalemate. His expression now was ugly. Jack’s cultivation level seemed to be similar to his son’s.

“This guy!” Helena looked at Jack there, also showing a look of surprise, her red lips slightly opened, very surprised.

“Sister, let me tell you, Jack is still holding back. After all, he doesn’t want to expose his true strength when so many people are watching!”

Daniella looked at Helena on the side and raised her head slightly. Her eyes were full of self-satisfaction because this man of hers really was not too bad.

“Impossible, this guy is better than Keith?” Helena was even more surprised. It’s no wonder that Daniella likes this kid. It seems that this kid is not as simple as he seems.

At this moment, the corner of Jack’s mouth curved in a wicked grin and he suddenly applied more force and directly suppressed Keith’s power. Blood gushed out of Keith’s mouth as the energy hit his body and the force of it threw him several hundred meters away.

As soon as he hit the ground, Keith spit out another mouthful of blood, his face paled as he tried to recover.

“Young Master, are you still fighting?”

Jack smiled lightly. Standing in the air, he glanced at his opponent lightly, yet with a completely calm as if he was simply bored.

Jack’s eyes were undoubtedly the biggest insult to Keith.

Keith gritted his teeth with anger and clenched his fists, but he knew deep down that he was not Jack’s opponent at all. If this kid took out the spirit weapon too he would be in big trouble.

‘It’s no wonder that Miss Helena fell in love with you.’ Keith thought as he stood up. He looked at Jack hatefully, and said: “Boy, I won’t let you go. I still have the strength to compete. When the games begin, we will compete again!”

“Good job!”

“Master Jack is really amazing!”

Everyone in the White family was extremely happy. Jack’s battle served well to give the White family positive face with everyone around.

In the past, every time there was a match, the White family did not dare to speak too much and tried to keep a low profile, but even so, the other Seven Shadow Families had no regard for them and would push them around and bully them.

Since the White family’s overall strength was not much higher than that of some second-class families, some second-class families felt dissatisfied and disapproved of the White family. This puts them in the crossfire between two family classes.

Today, Jack’s performance finally gave them some relief.

Jack looked at Joshua and laughed: “Your brothers wanted to fight me before but they said they would wait for the games. Looks like one of them had a reckoning coming sooner than expected!”

“Boy, don’t gloat too much, my sons don’t need to give you any regard so you better watch who you laugh at. You’re too arrogant, it’s time I teach you a lesson!”

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