No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1298

“Master Tudor, long time no see!”

Seeing that it was Master Tudor who came, Nash immediately stood up, smiled slightly, clasped his hands and bowed to her.

Master Tudor jumped off the flying carpet, then put away the flying carpet, walked over and smiled: “Master White, it’s been a long time since I heard about your family’s affairs, I didn’t expect that the person who shared a bed with you could actually poison you, it makes me feel terrible to think about it!”

At this point, the middle-aged woman looked at Trenton again, and said insinuatingly: “The most important thing is, some people don’t feel that his daughter is wrong, and they are enemies with the White family. Tsk tsk, they really don’t feel embarrassed!”

“Karima, who are you talking about? Don’t deceive everyone about this!” Trenton replied angrily, his fists clenched.

“What’s the matter? Could it be that you want to be an enemy of the Tudor family?” Karima frowned, and then smiled coldly: “I don’t even know your name or surname. Perhaps you can come tell us your name so we know who you are.”


Trenton gritted his teeth. The Tudor family was among the Eight Shadow Families. They were at the bottom and only slightly better than the White family’s situation. Of the two powerhouses at the peak of True God Realm, one of them only broke through last year.

The relationship between the Tudor family and the White family is considered the best. The two families often help each other.

Although Trenton was angry, he also knew that the Lagorio family was not even considered to be among the top Eight Shadow Families, and could only be regarded as a top second-class family. Therefore, he could only clench his teeth and swallow his anger.

“Haha, everyone is almost here!”

Finally, the people of the Hunt family also came, stepping off a flying sword. The old man of the Hunt family was laughing, his face was red and full of energy.

Trenton flew up and took a look, and immediately stepped forward to face him then said respectfully.

“There are two Shadow Families, the Canmore family and the Lucas family, who have not yet come. Also, there are still several third-class families who have not come!”

When Nash saw this scene, he was a little speechless. Trenton obviously wanted to please the Hunt Family, the head of the eight families. This was too obvious.

“Yeah!” Master Hunt nodded calmly, then looked at the direction of the White family, frowned and said: “Nash, I heard that your son Lance is dead, and you have found an illegitimate child again. Right?”

Nash immediately took a step forward and slightly arched his hand: “Master Hunt, as for my eldest son, whether he is dead or not, we don’t know. We are still sending people to look for him and the others who followed him. The family members are still looking for the children of their family. Although most of them are dead, we have still decided to look for another month!”

“Nash, you only look for another month then you decide to give up? He is your son, even if my daughter wronged you, you can’t give up so quickly, right? That’s my grandson! You are too inhuman!”

When Trenton heard this, he suddenly became angry: “Are you even looking for him? You don’t have to look for him, I’ll look for him myself!”

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