No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1299

“Master Lagorio, it’s not that I didn’t look for him. I have been sick for several months. And as you know, the forest is a bit weird and dangerous. I can’t go to the deepest part. If they still have not returned, then most of them are probably already dead!”

Nash smiled bitterly: “Although Lily wronged me, Lance is my son after all. I naturally hope that he is alive and naturally hope to find him. No matter if he chooses to follow me or follow Lily when the time comes, that is his choice, and I will respect his choice!”

“I think you said it nicely. If I were you, I would just let the people of the White family go into the deepest place to find them!”

Trenton smiled, with a look of contempt: “You people of the White family, are you still afraid of death?”

“It’s not a question of whether you are afraid of death or not. That forest, everyone knows that those who go in that deep don’t come back out alive. I don’t want to carelessly throw away the lives of the White family!”

Nash said slightly angry: “Since you love your grandson so much, then you go in and find him, I won’t stop you!”

Jack, who heard these words, couldn’t help but frown. He didn’t expect that there would be such a mysterious and dangerous place.

“Okay, okay!” At this time, the Hunt family’s old man became a little impatient and interrupted directly: “Today, everyone is here to participate in our triennial competition, not to see your two quarrels. If there is any contradiction between you, go down and solve it by yourself, don’t affect today’s game!”

After Master Hunt finished speaking, he continued to Nash: “I’m curious, what does your bastard look like? I heard that you just came to Kobe. I even heard he took the virginity of the Cabello family eldest daughter. He must be an incredibly charming young man!”

Jack’s mouth twitched slightly, and he stepped forward and said, “Master Hunt, I am Jack White!”

Master Hunt looked at Jack, and then smiled: “He is really handsome, it’s no wonder that you have Miss Helena’s heart!”

Jack felt a little worried in his heart when he saw the other party’s smile.

‘This is Second Young Master Chet Hunt’s grandfather. Since many others know what happened between him and Helena, then there is no doubt that Master Hunt also knows. If Young Master Hunt has came seeking revenge from his Grandfather, if it is reasonable, this old man should not wait to see Jack for himself. That’s why he is acting like he is so approachable.’

‘I have to say that this old guy is definitely an old fox with a knife in his smile. Such a person is too scary and not wise to provoke.’

Not waiting for Jack to say, Master Hunt smiled again: “Well, I haven’t been happy for many years. If you and Miss Helena can come out alive after this competition, the old man will come to preside over your wedding. After getting married a month later, when the time comes, the old man will come to drink your wedding wine, how about it?”


When Helena heard this her face was ugly. It seems that this old guy definitely doesn’t believe that she and Jack are in a relationship. That’s why he is deliberately trying to test them. If they don’t agree to it, then they would admit to playing with his grandson. When that happens, this old guy will definitely get angry.

Thinking of this, Helena’s head buzzed, she never thought this lie would actually put her in such a dilemma. ‘I definitely can’t marry Jack! I’ve only met him once or twice. Although he does seem pretty good, I don’t have those kinds of feelings at all. What’s more, this is Daniella’s boyfriend. How could I rob Daniella’s boyfriend?’

Daniella was even more anxious when she heard this, she stood up and said angrily.

“No! I don’t agree!”

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