No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1303

“Okay, everyone is here, let me talk about the rules of this competition!”

Jared Hunt, the head of the Hunt family, looked at the crowd, and then flew up with a slow voice. His voice resonated throughout the crowd.

When everyone heard this, they all looked at the owner of the Hunt family. No one knew much about the rules of the game, except for some members of the Hunt family.

Under the gaze of everyone, Jared said again: “This time the game is very simple. The game will last for a total of 1 month. Everyone should have seen the forest in front of us. There are a lot of monsters and spirited grasses in it. During ordinary times, it is guarded by our Hunt family, and very few people can enter it. We have placed a lot of black wooden signs on the top of the mountain as well as in the forest, totaling 10,000 pieces. And this time your game is to snatch wooden signs. Whoever snatches the most wooden signs will be the first place in the individual competition!”

At this point, Jared paused for a while before continuing: “When the time comes, participants of a family should also hand over the tokens they have obtained which will be used to calculate their placing, and hence classify the ranks of the group according to the total tokens obtained by the family participants. There will also be rewards according to the rank that you are given.”

When Master Lucas heard this, he frowned, stepped forward and asked: “So, this time the match is not a ring match, and there will be no one-on-one situations? Doesn’t that mean that when night time falls, it is highly likely that an individual will have to fight an entire group? Or perhaps 2 different groups fighting one another?”

Master Canmore also had a solemn expression: “Master Hunt, if we are abiding by the old rules and killing is allowed in this competition, wouldn’t this competition format be too cruel? This will inevitably lead to the deaths of countless young masters.”

“Haha, two Masters, isn’t death part and parcel of life? After all, this competition is a process of survival of the fittest. Everyone has to treat death lightly!”

Jared laughed, speaking as if dying was nothing but a breeze.

However, many members of the family had a gloomy expression.

They all knew that the Hunt family was not afraid. It is because the Hunt family has a lot of masters, and there are a lot of people who have managed to reach the true god level. They also had many people who have managed to reach the peak stage of the demigod level. As such, the Hunt family was not afraid of anyone else.

As for the young people of other families, although they are considered masters, some have just entered the initial stage of the demi-god. For some third-class families, in order to make up the number of participants, even people who were only at the eighth-rank grandmaster or the nine-rank grandmaster’s cultivation had to come to participate in the competition. In this case, their casualties will obviously be very devastating.

In the past, when 2 players were fighting it out in the ring stage, there was still the option of conceding defeat. With all the masters and family elders staring, no one will have the guts to continue dealing the killing blow.

But now, the Hunt family intends to put all the contestants into the forest and the huge mountain in front. They can’t go in and watch it. It’s hard to know what will happen inside.

Moreover, you can kill wantonly inside. If a group of people from the Hunt family sees the master of a certain family and feels like they aren’t happy with them, the master of that certain family will certainly be surrounded and killed.

The most important thing is that the duration of the competition is very long. In one month, how many people will die?

“This is trouble, Jack, you must be careful. From the way the members of the Hunt family are staring at us, it is clear that the rules were tweaked in order for them to have a chance to deal with us!” Nash’s expression was very ugly as he reminded Jack to take care of himself.

He then beckoned Jack to lean back, and then softly reminded: “After all, you have offended Master Chet now, and he issued a very clear statement stating that he will find trouble with you. I’m pretty sure that the rules of this game are invented by Master Chet in order to give himself an opportunity to kill you!”

Jack was no fool, such a rule, of course, the stronger the strength of the family, the more favorable. It seems to be fair game, but it is actually very unfair.

“I’m afraid they are not just targeting the White family with this strategy!”

Jack was silent for a few seconds before actually speaking to Nash.

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