No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1305

And at this time, Darryl Norman, the Norman family Master, actually stood up and said with a smile: “Master Hunt, our Norman family thinks the same way. Everyone enters the game and this game couldn’t be any more fair, what are you afraid of?”

“Well, since everyone has no opinion, then it’s decided.”

Jared directly raised his hand and signaled everyone to calm down: “However, you can rest assured, when going in, it is not a group of people who go in together. We have already fixed the formation that was handed down before. Haha, when our contestants enter, they will be randomly separated by the formation and appear in different places so that it is fair!”

“It has been fixed? I have long heard that Master Hunt is studying formations. Unexpectedly, he is really capable. In this world, he is probably the only one who can understand formations and fix the formation!”

Master Canmore looked surprised, he obviously did not expect that the ancient and broken formation under the old masters was actually repaired by Jared.

Perhaps the reason why the Hunt family chose to compete here this time is that Jared deliberately arranged it to show off his formation skills. The purpose is to let everyone see how powerful he is, and see how well he repaired the formation.

“Master Hunt, are you sure that you have completed the repairs? When the time comes, if our people go in, will it be dangerous? If something goes wrong, it’ll be troublesome!”

Master Lucas was a little worried about what will happen in this formation should it fail.

“Haha, don’t worry, Master Lucas, how could I, Jared Hunt, fool around with so many masters’ lives?”

Jared laughed loudly and said confidently: “Besides, my son, and everyone from my Hunt family will go in. Do you think I will fool around with their lives? You know, my second son has always been playful since childhood and didn’t like to participate in such competitions. However, this time he came to tell me in person that he was very interested in this competition, and that he would also participate!”

Unknown if it was intentional or not, when he said this, Jared also glanced at Jack.

Jack smiled bitterly. This Young Master Hunt obviously wanted to find him in the game and kill him. After all, he shamed him that day. This guy obviously bears a grudge.

Hearing what Jared said, everyone felt relieved.

On entering this formation, everyone will be randomly separated at the fringes of the forest, so perhaps the sacrifice will not be too great, and some people with low cultivation bases can at least find a place to hide.

Otherwise, if so many people entered the forest together, wouldn’t it be a short time after entering, that should the people of the Hunt family and Canmore family decide to unite to attack the master of a certain family, making it a disaster for the family being attacked?

“By the way, Master Hunt, is there anything else that needs attention?” Alejandro asked after thinking about it.

“One more thing, I want to talk about the tokens that we put in in advance, in addition to 10,000 black tokens, there are also 1,000 white tokens, and a hundred red tokens!”

Jared with a slight smile, introduced again: “The distribution of these tokens are deeper within the forest, and closer to the mountain top, where it gets denser. In other words, there are not many on the outskirts of the forest, but the deeper you go, the easier it is to encounter tokens.”

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