No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1306

After Nash thought about it, he couldn’t help but stand up and arch his hand to Jared: “Dare I ask Master Hunt, between these black, white and red tokens, is there any particular difference? Otherwise, why would it be divided into three different colors?”

Jared suddenly laughed: “Of course there are some differences. This black token is the equivalent to one of itself, while the white token is equal to ten black tokens. Although there are only a few red tokens, one of these is equivalent to a hundred black tokens. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to get a red token, then it is equivalent to getting a hundred black tokens!” At this point, Jared paused before continuing: “I have to say it again, that not only are there more tokens the deeper you go in, but there are also more white and red tokens that are distributed within. Therefore, in this game, aside from one’s own strength, one would also need a certain amount of luck!”

After Jared explained all the rules and so on, Jared looked at the two towering stone gates that were not far away, and then shouted loudly, “”Open the formation!”

Suddenly, the two elders of the Hunt family flew out and came to the side of the stone gate. One of them took out a medium-grade spiritual stone and put it into a hollow space between the stone pillars.

As the spirit stone was put in, the stone gates made a humming sound, and immediately a terrifying wave spread out, with a blue light curtain appearing which continued to spread. To everyone’s surprise, it actually formed a sky blue curtain which covered the entire forest and the mountains within it, after which everyone could no longer see the situation inside.

“It looks like this ancient formation was really repaired by Master Hunt. That’s really amazing!”

“He could actually restore it again. Otherwise, this formation’s legacy would have never been seen again!”

Many people looked at the huge sky-blue light curtain in front of them, and couldn’t help sighing, especially some old men who felt that if they could witness such a scene in this lifetime, then this life would not be in vain.

“Master Hunt, since this formation envelops both the forest and the mountains inside, wouldn’t we be completely unable to see the situation inside? So what is the point of this formation?”

After thinking about it, the Master of the Lucas Family couldn’t help but ask Jared.

Jared smiled, and then said: “The purpose of this formation is to scatter the people who enter randomly in different places. While we may be unable to see the specific situation inside, we can see from this light screen above, a number of dots, which can display the general situation of the contestant inside. If some dots suddenly flashes a few times, before disappearing, then that would mean that man is dead!”

After hearing this, Master Lucas couldn’t help but nod: “This formation is really amazing. I didn’t expect it to be able to detect the status of the people inside, whether they are dead or alive.”

Jared also said with emotion: “This formation is actually not that amazing. According to my research and understanding of formations, there should be some formations that can teleport people to a certain place in an instant. Such formations are called teleportation formations, but they are too complicated. The book I have contains only some simple records, thus there is simply no way to obtain any further information.”

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