No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1307

Speaking of this, Jared paused before continuing: “However, from this, I can conclude that since there was such a powerful formation in the past, it must mean that there must be cultivation techniques that can be cultivated to the heavenly level, and the heavenly level cultivation base has definitely existed before!”.

The Cabello family elder, who has rarely spoken, obviously became a little excited after hearing this. He couldn’t help but walk forward a few times and then say to the people: “Master Hunt is right. I can also conclude that the Heaven-level cultivation technique and the Heaven-level cultivation base definitely exist, but that they can’t be found now!”

“Oh, is this truly so? Do you have any evidence of this Elder Cabello?”

Hearing this, many experts at the peak of the True God Realm became extremely excited. They have been staying at the peak of the True God Realm, and there is no way to go further. If this goes on, then it would only be the same as those people in the past, who could only eat and wait to die.

But they have finally cultivated to this point. They have all heard the legend of the heavenly cultivation base. Naturally, they hope to break through to the heavenly cultivation base, have a two-hundred-year lifespan, and enjoy the feeling of being a master.

Therefore, whenever someone mentions the cultivation base of the heavenly level, or when there is some gossip, among these families, those who are at the peak of the True God Realm or the late stage of the True God Realm become naturally excited.

Seeing everyone’s expectations, the elder of the Cabello family couldn’t help but smile a bit, “There is no concrete evidence for this, but the ancient book in my hand, as you should know, contains a lot of prescriptions for curing some strange diseases. In addition to these, there are some pill formulas behind. And the characteristics of some third- and even fourth-rank spirit grasses! There is even a prescription for the third class pill…”

In fact, not many people knew about this matter, and the Cabello family elder rarely said it before. Even when someone asked, he covered it up.

Since the Master of the Hunt family mentioned the Heavenly Level cultivation base again today, he simply mentioned it in front of everyone.

“Elder Cabello, can you let us take a look at the prescriptions of these three-tier pills? It’s just a quick look, I’m not taking it away.”

Chet is a pill-making master of the Hunt family. That is to the point of being extremely obsessed. The Hunt Family Master likes to study formations, and he likes alchemy, and both of them are quite knowledgeable. This has made the Hunt Family’s position relatively stable all this while.

“Yes, Elder Cabello, take it out and take a look. This may give us more opportunities to detect the mystery of the cultivation base of the day. This is not only for us, but also for you, for our children and grandchildren. This is for a great cause!”

The old man of the Hunt family was also looking forward to it. Had it not been known that the fighting power of the elder of the Cabello family was much more powerful than that of Alejandro, he would have snatched this book from the elder of the Cabello family long ago.

“If this is the case, I’m afraid it would be a little inconvenient!”

The Cabello Family First Elder’s face suddenly sank. He originally wanted to mention this so that everyone would believe that this Heavenly Level cultivation base definitely existed, and everyone would be more active in looking for this breakthrough method. He didn’t expect that the others would want to read that ancient book. How could he show this thing to others?

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