No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1308

People are selfish, let alone showing others the prescriptions of a third-grade pill. Even letting the second young master of the Hunt family take a look at the prescription to a second-grade pill would probably not be possible.

Therefore, the elder of the Cabello family has always kept this mysterious ancient book very well. Even if the Master of the Cabello family wants to see it, it would not be an easy task. Even if he did show, it would at most be shown to him for a while before being taken back immediately.

Therefore, the Cabello family elder didn’t even think about it and refused.

“Forget it, forget it. Since the First Elder Cabello doesn’t trust us, then forget it. There are some things that everyone is reluctant to share. I was afraid that if you study it alone, you would not be able to understand anything!”

Jared waved his hand, a little unhappy.

“Yes, you have had that ancient book for many years, and after so many years of research, nothing has been concluded. I think that it is just a book containing medical treatment and medicine. With regards to heaven-level cultivation, it should not be of much help!”

Master Hunt also smiled: “However, since you said that it records third-grade pills and even the fourth-grade spirit grass. It can be inferred that a heaven-level cultivation base definitely exists. After all, even if you have a third-grade pill and a fourth-grade pill, even those who have a late stage cultivation base of the True God Realm, and maybe even those at the peak of the True God Realm would not dare to use such a pill. The energy must be very strong!”

“Okay, okay, I think we are discussing these, and we can’t come to a conclusion. So let’s start the game, it’s getting late!”

Jared finally looked at all of them. The contestants then said: “Each family has four hundred entries. Get your people to step forward. When I announce for the competition to start, you can directly enter the light curtain. After entering, you would not be able to exit before thirty days is up. Once the thirty days are over, you will be able to come out.”

Elder Hunt reminded everyone from the side: “According to the rules, your contestants must not be over thirty years old. If any family dares to cheat, don’t blame my Hunt family for being impolite. In this forest, there are a lot of spirit grass and a lot of treasures. If you get it in the competition, it will be your spoils, which is a reward for you!”

After all the contestants of the families came out and came to the front of the light curtain, Jared said loudly: “The game begins!”

Suddenly, figures jumped up and rushed in against the light curtain.

Jack looked at the light curtain, and quickly discovered that as people kept rushing in, on the sky blue light curtain, there were indeed flashing bright spots. These bright spots appeared constantly, very Randomly, they are basically located on the periphery of the light curtain. From the light curtain, you can see the approximate positions of these people inside.

“This formation thing is really amazing!!”

Jack couldn’t help but sigh. It was the first time he has seen and heard of such a thing.

“Let’s go, hurry in! There are a lot of treasures in it!”

Daniella walked to Jack’s side. After a glance at him, she flew up, facing the sky-blue light curtain and rushed into it.

“This girl…”

Jack smiled, flew up, and rushed in.

This light curtain didn’t seem to be obstructing anything. After rushing in, Jack only felt a flower in front of him, and he actually appeared in a forest.

Looking around, Jack smiled slightly. Earlier on, many White family members rushed in with him, but after they came in, they were randomly teleported to other places, and Jack had to admire how formidable the formation was.

“Since, there are more tokens deeper inside, and the white and red tokens are also distributed deeper inside, then let’s go directly to the mountain!”

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