No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1309

Jack raised his head and looked at the distant mountain peaks, before flying straight away.

In the depths of the forest, there was a terrible roar of beasts. Jack knew that there must be some terrifying monsters in it, but his cultivation base was not low now, hence he was not too afraid.

But for some contestants who are masters of third-class families that face up against powerful monsters, they might be in trouble.

Since Jack’s cultivation base was very high and his speed was not slow, he saw a black token in a short while, flew over it, picked it up, and put it into his ring.

“With a month’s time, you don’t have to rush. When it gets to the end, the snatch will become extremely fierce!”

Jack couldn’t help but think to himself as he flew. “Everyone in front was looking for tokens. Over time, I am afraid that there will be a lot of tokens in their hands, and at that time, I’m sure that there will be more cases of people snatching tokens, robbing each other, and killing others and stealing treasures.”

“Maybe later on, some family contestants may meet and then gather together. At that time, the battles between two families will become more frequent.”

“Although the cultivation bases of the others in our White family are not low, they are not high, so we still have to find them as much as possible. After all, there are probably a lot of contestants who will want to take out our White family this time!”

Jack frowned and began to worry about the other White family members.

Originally, Jack didn’t want those masters who had just been recruited from the branches to participate in this competition, for fear of danger.

But for those masters who split from their families, their cultivation base is not bad, and they even wanted to come and see the world. After discussing with Nash, Jack got quite a number of them to follow.

Of course, the White Family is a first-class family after all, and masters who can be qualified to participate are at least at the initial stage of the Demi-God Realm.

What the White Family needs to be wary of are those from other powerful first-class families.

After flying for a while, Jack heard fighting sounds in front of him. He frowned slightly and flew over there immediately.

“You, what do you want? I haven’t picked up any tokens yet!”

Nikini, who was in the early stage of Demi-God Realm, was surrounded by three men under a tree, her eyes full of fear.

Her cultivation base was not too low. But unexpectedly, her luck would be so bad. Not long after she came in, she met three Lagorio family members, and two of the Lagorio family’s three people were in the early stage of demi-god realm One was actually a cultivation base in the middle stage of the demi-god, she was obviously not their opponent.


One of the Lagorio family’s men gave a wicked smile: “We are not interested in whether you find the token or not. We are only interested in your White family masters!”

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