No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1310

“Could the three of you let me go, because of the good relationship between our two families in the past? I just came in, you wouldn’t want to kill me, right?”

Nikini was aggrieved. She had finally won the opportunity to participate in the competition and wanted to temper herself, and even wanted to find some treasures in it to see if she could improve her cultivation level. She didn’t expect to be targeted immediately on entering.

Moreover, the three people of the other party were so lucky, they had actually met people from their own family so quickly.

“No way, little beauty, the relationship between the two was good in the past. But now, before we set off, our Master had repeatedly told us that if there was a chance to meet the White family, especially those who are alone, just kill them directly, no need for hesitation!”

One of the men gave a wicked smile, and carefully looked at Nikini in front of him: “This girl’s body is in good shape, I don’t remember, when did the White family have such a master!”

Another Lagorio family master smiled and said: “This girl has a good figure. If we kill her like this and she doesn’t have a token, wouldn’t it be too bad, too wasteful of spiritual energy? Everyone just came in, wouldn’t it be better to find a bush and give her…” the other two glanced at each other, and nodded with understanding, stepping towards Nikini.

Jack clenched his fist and was about to rush out.

However, what he didn’t expect was that at this moment, a figure appeared not far away, and said angrily: “What do you want to do? You dare to take action against our White family, you must be looking for death!”

Sally seems to be in the cultivation base of the middle stage of the demi-god. However, it is not known if she and Nikini will be the opponents of the three Lagorio family masters.

“Sister Sally!”

It was Sally. Nikini was happy, but frowned soon after. After she met Sally at the host’s house, the two had a good relationship, but even if the two of them were to combine forces, she was also worried whether they would be the opponent of the three Lagorio family masters.

“There is another White family member, what should I do?”

After seeing Sally, one of the men from the Lagorio family frowned, his face a little unsightly.

“What are you afraid of, none of us three have low cultivation bases, not to mention, we have one more person than they do!”

The guy in the middle stage of the demi-god realm, who has strong confidence in his combat effectiveness, said with a cold smile.

“Nikini, of these three, two of them are in the initial stage of the demi-god realm, and one of the middle stages of the demi-god realm. Although I am in the initial stage of the demi-god realm, I should not have a problem with those two initial stages of the demi-god realm. The other one, I’ll leave it to you!”

After thinking about it, Nikini told Sally that earlier on, the other three people secretly punched her when she was not paying attention. Already injured, she could only plan to grit her teeth and fight.

Unexpectedly, Sally smiled indifferently: “Don’t worry, these guys are just looking for death!”

After speaking, Sally clenched her fist and went straight for the guy in the middle stage of the demi-god realm.

“I met two beauties all at once. This was given to us by God. You two should deal with the one injured, it should be no problem to kill her. After that come and join me to deal with this one that has a high level of cultivation!”

As soon as Sally started to attack, the man in the middle of the Lagorio family’s demi-god realm clenched his fist, and the spiritual energy on it kept surging, and then attacked Sally.

“Don’t worry, Master Lagorio, leave this woman to the two of us!” The other two rubbed their fists and walked over to Nikini grinning.

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