No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1312

“Wait, let’s see if there are any treasures in the rings of these three guys!”

Nikini quickly thought of something, and hurriedly ran to take the ring of the three people.

“Hey, that’s not bad. In addition to a few healing pills, there are also a few first-grade spirit grasses. Oh my god, there are actually two black tokens in this guy’s ring. ”

Soon, Nikini exclaimed, took out the things, and then handed them all to Sally: “Sister Sally, thank you for saving me! Take these, It’s your trophy!”

“Giving it to me is not so good, let’s divide it up together. If you have the spirited grass, you can breakthrough to the next level sooner in the future!” Sally said. Then she directly took out half and handed it to Nikini, and even took one of the two tokens and handed it to Nikini.

“Just keep the token. My cultivation base is not very high, and I am not safe holding on to it. you have a higher cultivation base, it’s safer with you. If you encounter any danger, I will distract the opponent. While you can run away, I think it’s better!” Nikini smiled, and then handed the token back to Sally.

Sally glanced at Nikini, and said adamantly. “What nonsense, let’s just be careful. Your cultivation base is not too low, it should be fine, we both have to work hard to get out alive!”

Nikini said: “Then no matter what, you will hold this token. This is an individual game, as well as a team game. In fact, you hold the same token. If we have more tokens in the White family, it will be the same. When the time comes, the top few in the team competition will also be rewarded!”

Sally nodded: “Then I will hold this token first. Whenever we meet Master Jack, or after meeting the White family members of the True God Realm cultivation base, we will give it to them. It is better. Because no matter who you give it, it will not affect the number of groups, and if you give it to a person with a high level of cultivation, it will allow them to rank higher in the individual competition!”

Nikini nodded, “I mean, I guess people from other families will try their best to give their tokens to people with high cultivation levels in their families, so that they can compete for the first place.”

“Let’s go, if we don’t go, the monster beasts will be attracted to the smell of the blood in a while!”

Sally smiled, and after Nikini and Sally put the things away, the two of them disappeared in the same direction in a flash.

After the two had walked for a while, Jack jumped down from a tree not far away.

Originally, when he saw Nikini encounter danger, he planned to jump down and help, but he didn’t expect Sally to actually show up, and the girl’s cultivation level to have broken through.

“Let them practice well!”

Jack smiled before he continued to fly forward slowly.

“First-grade spirit grass!”

After flying for a while, Jack discovered that there was actually a first-grade spirit grass under a big tree in front of him, and this one was actually still a plant. A rare spirit grass that can be used to refine pills.

He rushed over, ready to take it off. After all, there were a lot of people who came in, 400 people in each family. If the families of all sizes add up, there are 100’s of strong powers. If not, thousands.

However, just when Jack was about to approach the spirit grass, a terrible roar sounded, and a fiery red python suddenly rushed out of the weeds next to it, opening its mouth and charged straight at Jack.

The appearance of this giant python was abrupt, and it startled Jack.

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