No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1314

“Whatever you say!”

Jack readied himself, and then said: “We just got here and you already can’t wait to ambush and take stuff? What a pity. My stuff is not easy to take!”

“Hah, I’m the grandson of the second elder of the Canmore family, my cultivation base in the middle stage of the True God Realm, so if you are interested in living, hand over the spiritual grass you just got, and I can release you!”

The man from the Canmore family was holding a long sword in one hand and looked rather superior as he spoke, “The relationship between our Canmore family and your White family is neither good nor bad. I don’t have to kill you if you hand it over. After all, it’s not easy for you to become the heir of the Master. If you die like this, it would be a shame!”

“With your cultivation base in the middle stage of the True God Realm you are so confident?”

Jack flashed. He flew straight up to meet him, “Well, if you hand over your sword and the things in your possession, I can also let you go. The reason why I will let you go is because you planned to let me go.”

The man had a slightly dazed expression in his eyes, and he reacted quickly, and then smiled bitterly: “Haha, you’re interesting, kid. You dare to threaten me with my threat to you? That’s kind of interesting!”

After finishing speaking, aura surged in his palm, and the sword in his hand uttered a terrible sound of swooshing. He smiled and said, “I have a low-grade spiritual weapon. It is extremely sharp. If I accidentally kill you, you can’t blame me. Although you are so ignorant!”

“Let’s see if you have the ability to do so!”

Jack also smiled indifferently. The other party’s sword looked good, and he planned to grab it and give it to the people of the White family, although It was a low-grade spirit weapon, it was a spirit weapon after all, it was much better than normal weapons.

The opponent slashed out again with his sword, this time actually used a low-rank martial skill. A terrifying sword aura, like a burning flame, rushed straight to Jack.

Jack squeezed his fist, the aura rushed out to cover his fist, and then he blasted out with his fist toward the aura.

As Jack blasted out with a punch, a large fist aura was formed. The fist aura looked very solid, and the fluctuation inside was so intense that it didn’t waver. The whole thing looked incredible.

“This martial skill, I am afraid it is a high-ranking one, but, this fluctuation…” After seeing Jack’s terrible attack, the man on the opposite side became a little worried in an instant. He didn’t expect this kid to actually be able to conjure such a terrible attack.

The opponent’s flame-like slash quickly blasted with the aura fist that Jack blasted out, and it was not strong enough.

A huge roar sounded, and a dazzling light flickered like lightning.

Jack’s attack quickly destroyed the opponent’s attack, and his huge aura fist got smaller and went straight to the man in front of him.

“Damn, this kid’s cultivation base is probably the same as mine, but how can this attack be so much stronger than my attack? We’re still on the same level!”

The man looked frightened when he saw the situation. Seeing that the attack had reached him, he immediately put a thin aura mask on his body, which enveloped him.

Almost at the moment when his aura shield was finished, the remaining attack of Jack’s fist hit him.

The aura mask kept fluctuating constantly while Jack’s attack was also constantly offsetting to counter his aura shield.


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