No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1317

At this moment, Jack discovered that there was a very fierce fight happening nearby.

Moreover, judging from the sound of fighting, there was no sound of beast roar, which showed that it was a battle between contestants.

After Jack thought for a while, he flew in the direction where the fighting sound came from.

Jack soon came to the top of a small hillside, hid among the low bushes on the hillside, and looked towards the place below the hillside.

“Helena?” A beautiful figure quickly appeared in Jack’s line of sight, and his expression became a little weird.

Speaking of this small meeting of Young Mistress Cabello, Jack’s heart was extremely complicated. This woman is almost thirty, almost four years older than Jack, and she is not yet married.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get married. When she was entangled by the second young master of the Hunt family, she chose to lie, saying that Jack was her boyfriend and wanted to make the Second Young Master Hunt give up.

In this way, they are tied together. Now it is difficult to clean up. He can only bite the bullet and carry the lie to the end.

However, Jack had already thought about it, and now they could only pretend to be a couple. After a while, the game will be over and everyone will go home. After another year or two, there will be no various scandals between the two of them. If so, this matter will also pass.

In the future, when everyone doesn’t care, he can come out and make a statement, saying that he and Helena have peacefully broken up.

But for Daniella, Jack couldn’t help it. Since what happened to the two of them, and Daniella giving him her first time, Jack felt that as a man, he had done something stupid. But he should still be responsible to the end and not treat her badly.

“Should I not go and help? Although the fight is fierce, the cultivation base of Helena is not low. She is in the late stages of True God Realm. Her cultivation base is higher than mine!”

Jack after thinking about it decided to leave. He didn’t want to care about this matter. After all, he didn’t want to be entangled with this woman.

However, when he was just about to leave, he suddenly realized that the figure of the man who was fighting with Helena on the opposite side seemed very familiar.

“Yes, Second Young Master Hunt!”

After Jack saw the other party clearly, Jack’s face couldn’t help but sink. He didn’t expect that Helena would actually meet Young Master Hunt on the first day after they came in.

“That’s not right, isn’t Young Master Hunt’s cultivation base in the middle of the True God Realm? Why do I feel that this guy’s combat effectiveness is stronger than that of Helena?”

After watching for a while, Jack felt something was wrong, the battle before him was terrifying, and Helena, whose cultivation had reached the late stage of the True God Realm, had gradually fallen into a disadvantage. The martial arts that Young Master Hunt used are more powerful than hers. At this time, Helena was already sweating profusely and couldn’t bear the attacks.

“Hundred Leaves Cut!” Young Master Hunt smiled coldly and slashed out with a single sword. In front of him, that terrible slash turned into a hundred small leaves. These leaves were actually sword-like auras. The spiritual energy was condensed, and it looked densely packed, covering a large space, and went straight at Helena.

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