No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1323

The leaves condensed from aura and sword energy, flashed straight ahead, shrouded a large space, bombarding back and forth. In the wave of aura in front of that.

A terrible roar sounded, and the wave was continuously dissipated. After all the leaves exploded, the wave of spiritual energy displayed by Jack in front was finally dissipated by Young Master Hunt. All of the attacks were taken down.

“Damn it!”

However, after all this was gone, the corners of Young Master Chet’s mouth twitched slightly, his expression ugly.

Because, he found that Jack, who was on the opposite side, had disappeared. The injured Helena, who had been watching everything from a distance before, had also disappeared.

Obviously, Jack took advantage of the terrible wave of aura and rushed over quickly. After being stacked up high, he blocked the sight of Young Master Chet, and Jack took advantage of this moment and quickly escaped with Helena.

“This kid is too clever. He knows he’s not my opponent, so he ran away. Damn, he better not let me meet him again, otherwise, I will definitely break his body into pieces!” Chet clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

At this time, Jack, with one arm around Helena’s waist from behind, after changing directions several times, was still quickly fleeing with the other party.

Helena, who was hugged by Jack, had a look of astonishment. She had thought that Jack would fight the opponent desperately. After all, Jack’s combat effectiveness was not weak, and she was shocked to see him be able to perform such an attack.

Unexpectedly, this kid would take her to escape in the next second.

Feeling the masculinity of Jack, Helena’s heart was throbbing, she secretly turned to look at Jack’s handsome profile, and for a while, she was slightly in a trance.

She couldn’t think of how the man she framed was still at this time, desperately helping her.

After flying for a while, Jack was sure that he was safe. After Chet did not catch up, he put Helena on the ground.

“Jack! I thought you really wanted to fight Chet desperately. Unexpectedly, you chose to flee with me!”

Helena sat down under the tree, heris face was blushing, and she peeked a glance at Jack, then she said: “Your choice was right. His cultivation level is higher than you, and he must have not used the most powerful attacks. If that fight continued, you and I would have died there. You deliberately played your most powerful blow with in a desperate manner, and then took advantage of the attack to block the line of sight, so we could escape! I have to say, I want to praise your cleverness!”

Jack listened, then he smiled bitterly: “Do you really think I’m not his opponent? I don’t want to fight him. After all, this guy is the second young master of the Hunt family. If I kill him, the Hunt family would not let me off so easily!”

“There was nobody else there to know if you had killed him or not!”

Helena gave Jack a blank look: “If you can’t beat him, run away. It’s not a shameful thing, really. Are you embarrassed to admit it? Your cultivation base is a lot lower than his. It’s already pretty impressive to be able to take me away!”

Jack walked over with a smile. Then he looked at Helena and said: “How do you know that there was no one else? I already felt it, not far away, there were two extremely vague auras. Just I heard the sound of your fight, I am sure they heard our fight as well. If I were to really kill Chet, when the time comes, I’m sure those people would tell the Hunt family!”

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