No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1330

Hearing what Beth said, Yule also suddenly realized: “Look at it this way, Jack and Helena have just met not long ago, and they have never met before then. How could they suddenly have become a couple? It seems that Jack was kind enough to help Helena, and he didn’t want to hurt her. Otherwise, I’m afraid the White family would be in trouble!”

Beth also nodded, “The most important thing to note is that the people of the Cabello family are very overbearing. The First and Second Elders of the Cabello family have amazing talents. We should try our best to never offend them!”

At this point, Beth paused before continuing: “However, If I were Helena, I would not want anything to do with that fatty, Chet Hunt. I would much rather give my first kiss to Jack than to marry him.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jack came in front of them and stopped.

The seven or eight Cabello family members who were in pursuit also immediately stopped not far away.

“This is troublesome. Why is the young master of the White family here? This kid is in the middle stages of True God Realm!” A man from the Cabello family sank when he saw Jack coming.

“Brother Fredrico, let’s give up. We can’t win this one!” Another young girl, after looking at Jack and others, finally said to Fredrico Cabello.

Fredrico felt upset and was about to give up, but at this moment, his eyes lit up again, and he suddenly pointed to a short distance away and exclaimed in surprise, “Look, it’s Missy!”

“Great, Missy is here! Now the people of the White family are finished!” A man from the Cabello family said, with a look of excitement.

“Yeah, the eldest lady is here! She is a strong woman in the late True God Realm, and our Cabello family’s most powerful master. Now, if the White family doesn’t hand over their tokens, they won’t be able to resist us taking them!” he young girl who persuaded Fredrico before, after thinking about it, said with a smile, as if what they wanted was already in their hands.

“But, isn’t the eldest lady and the heir of the White family in a relationship? Will she help us?” One man said with a strange expression after thinking about it.

“She should help us. I heard from the Elders of the Cabello family that First Young Lady did this to prevent the Hunt family from forcing her to marry Chet. I believe that Miss Helena will definitely help us!” Fredrico frowned, and after thinking for a while, said with some uncertainty.

After a while, Helena flew over and stood with the Cabello family.

“What’s going on?” Helena looked at Fredrico and others before asking.

“Miss, they got a white token, a white one, and ten black tokens, and, that woman, also has a second-grade low-level spirit grass, let’s grab them all!”

Fredrico took a step forward and said to Helena, when he talked about the token and the spirit grass, his eyes were full of fire.

“Master, we discovered these things first. After we got them, these guys wanted to grab them!”

Seeing Helena come, the faces of Beth, Yule and others became solemn again.

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