No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1331

“I see, don’t worry!”

Jack smiled, but did not say anything more. He looked at Helena indifferently, wanting to see how she would act. After all, He did just help her get rid of Young Master Hunt yesterday evening, that was tantamount to saving her life.

But between the two families, there was also a lot of friction, so he was also a little curious about how Helena would choose.

“They found that first, it belongs to them! Why are you trying to grab it?”

Helena glared at Fredrico and the others, and then said: “Jack is a good person. Yesterday, he helped when I needed it the most. You don’t take their stuff!”

The Cabello family masters’ eyes widened in surprise. Helena thought about it, and then added, “Also, in the future, If you meet People from the White family, don’t steal from them! We are all friends now! If you meet people from the Hunt family who want to bully them, you have to help, alright?”

“Ah!” Fredrico and others gasped. Fredrico’s mouth dropped open, wondering if he had heard it wrong. How have these two families become friendly so quickly? Moreover, if they encounter the White family being bullied by the Hunt family, they have to go and help?

“Ah what? What did my father say? Among the contestants here, my cultivation base is the highest. All contestants from the Cabello family must listen to my orders, or did you forget?” Helena fiercely scolded them.

“Yes, Miss Cabello!” All of the people in the Cabello family could only nod their heads in agreement, but they still couldn’t accept it. When did the people of the Cabello family and the White family become friends?

They looked at Jack, thinking about the direction Helena had just flown over from. She seemed to have come from the same direction as this kid, and they all had to wonder whether their eldest lady really had a relationship with Jack. Or, has the relationship between the two really heated up within a few days because of previous events?

“Okay, then we’re leaving!”

Helena looked at Jack for a long moment before turning and leaving with the others.

Jack nodded, watching Helena and the others leave.

After Helena and the others left, Beth flew to Jack and said with a grin. “Master, you are too awesome. It seems that Helena must have fallen in love with you. Otherwise, how could you help us without saying anything?”

“Yeah, Master Jack, congratulations on your embrace of the beauty, haha!”

Another young man from the White family also laughed, “We can really abandon the previous suspicions with the Cabello family and become friends if Jack and Miss Helena get married! Then the relationship between the two families will really be one step closer.”

Jack’s face was bleak. ‘How can I think about marriage? No, it’s impossible. This is Daniella’s sister’

He immediately glared at the man, “Don’t talk nonsense, I am not thinking about getting married!”

The man looked surprised: “No way, Master! She is such a beauty and she obviously likes you. She even helped us just now. You’ve been friends with her, but haven’t you thought about getting married? You two are just a natural match!”

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