No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1335

When Jack saw the guys on the opposite side, all mocking them, Jack simply hugged Daniella’s waist, and then lowered his head and gave her lips a firm kiss.

Daniella’s heart beat doubled, and she sat there dazed. She did not expect Jack to be so forward in front of everyone to prove the relationship between the two of them. He was clearly not afraid. What if these people talk about this? When the time comes, people from the Hunt family will know, what should we do?


The three sons of the Norman family all liked the three young ladies of the Cabello family. Daniella especially was their main pursuit, because Daniella was young and innocent this made them even more excited.

And now, Jackmade Helena and Daniella both like him at the same time? This made them extremely envious, and of course, they hated him, because they felt that their beloved woman was taken away.

“Boy, today you will die!” Conley roared angrily.

“How many young masters do we have here? Let’s join forces to kill them!” When the Lagorio family heard this, they were even more happy, and immediately suggested it to Keith and others.

“Haha, just you?” Jack smiled, with a cold face: “Since you are targeting me everywhere, then I will not be polite today. You will not touch my family!”

Jack set in his mind to kill them all, especially the three sons of the Norman family, who are all skilled. Keith and Conley are both in the middle stage of the True God Realm. If they are allowed to leave here alive, in the subsequent games, these guys will definitely take action against the masters of the White family.

Therefore, Jack decided to solve the problem of these masters from the Norman family and Lagorio family here.

“Haha, where is your self-confidence coming from?”

Conley laughed loudly. “Jack, do you think you can beat us? Look at how many we have here. What’s more, the eight of us here are all strong, at True God level no less!”

“Since you are all strong and at True God level, that would be even better, so I can do it in one go. You will not pose a threat to my family!”

Jack flipped his palm, took out his black sword, and said to Daniella on the side: “Daniella, you step back, just leave these guys to me!”

“You are alone, will you be okay?”

Daniella frowned. Obviously, she couldn’t believe Jack’s words. There were too many people on the other side. Jack was also in the middle stage of True God Realm. Fighting alone, he may have beaten Keith, Joshua, and Conley, but if all of them attack him at the same time, how can he win? Daniella could not help but worry about this.

“Don’t worry, these guys are not my opponents!”

Jack smiled lightly, causing Daniella to step back.

“Boy, it’s no wonder that you can please women so much, you’re simply too arrogant!”

Keith’s mouth formed a faint arc. “Although I’m the same as my second brother, I’m just in the middle stage of True God Realm, but my combat power is in the late stage of the True God Realm. It is almost invincible. Even three people in the middle stage of the True God Realm are not my opponents. Are you sure you can stop so many of us alone?

” Master Norman, don’t talk nonsense with this kid, kill them!”

A man from the Lagorio family couldn’t wait. If he could use the hands of the Norman family to kill the heir to the Master of the White family, if Master Trenton heard, he would be happy.

“Kill them? That’s not okay! We kill Jack, but Daniella, it would be a shame to kill her!” Keith looked at Daniella’s slender thighs in the distance, couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, and said with a smile.


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