No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1342

“No way, a group?”

Daniella breathed a sigh of relief when he heard it. This monster was already powerful, and difficult to deal with it alone, let alone a group of monsters.

“Go fast, it’s too difficult to deal with. It’s a pack of wolves. There are hundreds of them. The adult wolves are comparable to the early stages of the True God realm. Once you are surrounded you would be done for!” Venus said out of breath after flying over.

“Master, there are too many. Many of us here are in the early stage of the demi-god Realm, and there are also a few Ninth Stage Grandmasters. They dare not fight with the wolves!” Kayla Leigh also ran over and said to Jack out of breath.

Kayle Leigh, since she met Jack last time in the town under the White Family Mountain, and was recommended by Jack to join the White Family, under the hard work of cultivation, she has also made breakthroughs from the ninth level Grandmaster to the early stage of demi-god Realm. Because of her incredible talent she was selected for the games.

Jack thought about it for a while then said. “The monster beasts in the early stage of the demi-god Realm are not worrisome. However, if there are too many, fighting with them is just a waste of time. When the time comes, all our aura will be wasted, and time will be wasted!”

A man from the Lucas family who is in the early stage of the True God Realm, though he was not afraid, understood that with a pack of low level animals they would still be overwhelmed and some of the younger people may die. Seeing that the people of the White family and the people of the Cabello family were still discussing it, he stood speechless for a second, then shaking himself he flew up and shouted. “Everyone, come here! We won’t fight. Let’s run!”

“Everyone, come up here! These are low level monsters and they cannot fly!”

Jack smiled lightly, flipped his palm, took the sword out, and threw it into the air, and it suddenly became bigger.

“That’s great! You actually have a flying sword!” The Lucas family man’s eyes lit up and he immediately jumped up.

The others jumped up immediately, while Jack was controlling the flying sword and started to fly.

A Mochizuki wolf with a height of almost three feet tall, roared and rushed over, and when Jack and others were about to fly, two Mochizuki wolves in the middle stage of the demi-god realm roared and rushed towards two young women of the Lucas family.

“Ah!” Those two women were not high in cultivation. One in the early stage of the demi-god realm, and the other in the middle stage of the demi-god realm.

Though they are masters, however, facing such a monster beast, they obviously couldn’t compare, and they immediately yelled in fright, as if they didn’t know what to do.

However, at this moment, Jack appeared in front of the two of them in a flash, clenched his fists, and blasted the wolves.

The two huge Mochizuki wolves were slammed on the ground with one fist and one blow by Jack. Blood flowed directly from their mouths as they lay there motionless. Just liek that they were killed by Jack.

“He’s too strong!” The two women swallowed their saliva, both frightened by Jack’s combat effectiveness.

“This guy!” Venus on the side was also slightly surprised. Although she could match the attack power, the speed at which Jack rushed out just now was so fast that she was a shocked.

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