No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1345

Daniella said to Jack “Jack, it will be dark soon, let’s find a place to rest!”

Jack nodded and looked around. After searching for a while, Jack found that there was a big crack that was not easy to see on the rock wall of a cliff. Based on how it looked, it should be able to easily allow two or three people to spend the night in it.

“If you didn’t find the cave, it would be more dangerous if you rested on a tree. There is a crack on the cliff over there. Will that make do tonight?”

Jack looked at Daniella in front of him. The young women are indeed good-looking, but they have lived in a big family since they were young, and I don’t know if they can endure hardships.

“Hey, let’s go!” Daniella smiled and held Jack’s hand: “I will sleep with you anywhere you want, as long as you are next to me, I will be happy! ”

After Daniella finished, his face flushed.

“You girl!” Jack smiled bitterly. Daniella’s simplicity is really rare, it makes one feel like a first love.

The two quickly flew towards the crack, which was big enough for two people to walk in side by side.

What Jack didn’t expect was that the crack was small on the outside and big on the inside. There was more than ten meters space inside, and the space inside was enough for two people to sit inside and have a good rest.

Someone had been here before, and there were a lot of weeds in it. Sitting in it was also very comfortable.

“Great, I can spend another night with you!” With a smile on Daniella’s face, she sat next to Jack and couldn’t help but gently lean her head on Jack’s shoulder.

“Master Trevino, you promised me that as long as you meet someone from the White family, you will kill them for me. You can’t keep any of them alive!”

After sitting for a while, Jack and Daniella heard a faint voice coming from outside.

“Haha, don’t worry, baby, what I, Hugh Trevino, will not break my promise!”

Soon, a man’s hearty laughter sounded, and then he said: “Baby, look, there is something over there, a crack in the cliff. Let’s go inside the crack and have fun!”

Hearing this, Daniella and Jack looked at each other. Someone else had found them so quickly!

“There are so many masters from the Trevino family around? How about we go out later after the games and I can give it to you then?”

The woman deliberately said coquettishly, and the voice was so close that Jack heard it all.

“Dog men and women!” Daniella gritted her teeth and said angrily.

“That’s not good, baby, we do things for you and you will benefit now, but you might not give any benefits after the game is over. Maybe when we leave you will not admit to anything that happened here.” The man named Hugh Trevino said again.

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