No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1346

“This…” The Lagorio family girl seemed to hesitate. After a while, she nodded and agreed. “Well, I guess so.”

“It’s the first time anyone has been in such a place…” Hugh smirked: “I haven’t done it before like this, so why not now?”

Then he glanced directly at the dozen men standing behind him: “All of you, go rest on the cliff, this girl and I will go and take a rest for a while before joining you.”

“Haha, Master Trevino, go ahead, just go!”

A man suddenly began laughing loudly, “Master Trevino, this kind of thing can’t be delayed. We are jealous when we see such a beautiful woman!”

“It’s Leann Lagorio!” In the crack on the cliff, Daniella stood up and said with a little surprise. “The people of the Lagorio family are too disgusting. In order to target your White family and make your masters of the White family die in the game, they actually used their beauties to convince the masters of other families to help kill your people!”

“Do you know Leann?” Jack frowned. It hasn’t been long since he returned to the White family, and he didn’t know much about the masters of other families.

Daniella nodded: “It’s not just Leann, I also know Hugh!” She said to Jack with a solemn expression. “This Hugh is very powerful, and the Trevino family is also one of the Eight Shadow Families. Come to think of it, you should also know, Hugh is the grandson of the third elder of the Trevino family. He is super talented. He has reached the late stage of the True God Realm. His combat power is already on par with my elder sister, and Leann is a well-known beauty from the Lagorio family who has a very sexy body!”

“I didn’t expect that the Lagorio family would use such tricks in order to make the White family suffer a heavy loss!”

Jack clenched his fist and was a little angry: “If Hugh ordered the other members of the Trevino family to kill upon seeing any masters of the White family, wouldn’t my White family really suffer a heavy loss? They will inevitably meet a lot of people from the White family!”

Daniella also nodded solemnly: “Yeah, it’s too damning. This Trevino family is one of the Eight Shadow Families. Hugh has been interested in Leann Lagorio for a long time, however he couldn’t just ask for it. Now Leann took the initiative to send herself to his door, he would naturally agree. Most importantly is that should such a master take people to encircle your White family, it will end terribly!”

Jack said: “Fortunately, I have only come in for two or three days now and have already met them, otherwise, it would be really troublesome.”

Jack paused before continuing: “I will get rid of these guys now, and that would be the best protection for my White family!”

“Well, you have to be careful. Hugh has a very high cultivation base, and his combat effectiveness is also very strong!”

Daniella couldn’t help but be a little worried.

Unexpectedly, Jack said indifferently: “You haven’t seen my strength!”

Daniella then remembered Jack had killed eight masters in the True God Realm alone with one move. The power of that skill was not something her elder sister could use. Among the people beheaded, there were two powerhouses in the mid-stage of the True God realm.

“Well, I believe you!”

Daniella nodded.

At this moment, the two people had already flown to the door of the crack.

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