No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1351

Jack put away the sword in his hand, then flew down, and took down the rings of those guys.

At this time, Daniella also flew over, and then smiled sweetly at Jack, “Such a good thing, you actually do not hesitate? She was giving herself to you, how could you not like it?”

It must be said that just now, Jack’s performance made Daniella really satisfied. The man she had her eye on was really good, and was actually able to withstand such a temptation.

Jack smiled, and then said, “Such a woman, in front of my eyes, is just skin without any soul. And it’s the first time I’ve seen her, how could I like her?”

“Let’s go, let’s go inside the cave and see what loot we got from them!” Daniella smiled, and was about to fly towards the cave.

However, Jack smiled bitterly: “Let’s not go to the cave, these people’s corpses are here. later if there are people passing by, they are more likely to find us, then people would know that these people were killed by me, that’s not good either.! Although this time the competition rules that death is acceptable, if the Trevino family finds out, it would not be good!”

“That’s true! I’m afraid they would hate you in the future!” Daniella smiled, “Let’s go, let’s find another place to rest!”

After looking for a while, they finally found a small cave a few miles away and set up camp there.

After getting everything ready for the night, Jack took out the storage rings he had previously obtained from Leann, Hugh and others, and then took out all the contents inside.

There was nothing good in the ring of other Trevino family members, but in Hugh’s ring, Jack unexpectedly found a red token, and several black tokens, and of course, the middle-grade sword. And several spirited grasses.

What Jack didn’t expect was that Leann’s ring contained a low-grade spirit weapon sword, several spirited grasses and a few tokens.

“The harvest this time is really not so big. But there is actually a red token, which is equal to a hundred black tokens!”

Jack piled all the trophies in front of him after looking at them, he stood up.

“Yeah, this means that red tokens have gradually appeared. After all, we have also gone a pretty far distance into the forest!”

Daniella sat aside, propped her head with both hands, and held that delicate face. Looking at Jack with shining eyes.

Jack was a little embarrassed as Daniella looked at him adoringly. He simply took out a first-grade high-level spirit grass, and a few other materials, and took out the alchemy furnace.

“No? You want to refine pills? You should sit here and talk with me!” Daniella pouted as she unhappily watched Jack take out his materials.

“I have never obtained first-rank high-grade spirited grass before, so I have never refined a first-rank high-grade pill. Now that I have the ingredients, I plan to try it. If I can refine it successfully, I will give it to you!” Jack smiled lightly, then said to Daniella.

“Give me the first grade premium pill? This is very precious!” When Daniella heard this, her heart suddenly became sweet.

“Think about it carefully, I haven’t given you any gift yet, just treat it as a gift for you!”

Jack looked at the young beauty in front of him, and waved his palm, the alchemy furnace was floating in the air, and the aura on his palm surged. With a wave of his hand, a small flame flew out and started to preheat the alchemy furnace.

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