No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1352

A small flame began to pulsate under the alchemy furnace. After only a moment, Jack had already preheated the alchemy furnace, making him seem experienced.

Because Jack wanted to refine his alchemy, Daniella didn’t dare to bother him, she sat quietly to the side, earnestly admiring Jack’s serious appearance while he was practicing alchemy.

Jack soon threw a strain of material directly into the alchemy furnace, controlled the fire with his mental power, and began to extract the juice little by little.

After a while, Jack threw another plant in, quietly feeling the changes, and continued to extract the medicinal juice.

A little bit of time passed and after a while, Jack had already thrown all the materials into the pill furnace, and on his forehead, thin beads of perspiration began to form.

Looking at how focused Jack was, Daniella’s mouth could not help but show a sweet smile, it seems that watching Jack’s alchemy was also the best kind of enjoyment.

Soon, all the medicinal juices of the materials were extracted, all of which were done skillfully.

Not long after, Jack reached the most important step in alchemy, forming the pill.

Jack’s mental power kept controlling the flames, and the concoction kept tumbling in it, getting smaller and more solid.

“Got it!” Suddenly, Jack lifted up with one hand, and a small pill flew up and floated in front of him, and the corner of Jack’s mouth also showed a satisfied smile.

“Did you succeed? My God, you actually succeeded for the first time!”

Daniella saw it, her eyes lit up, and ran over: “Our family’s First Elder is a master of alchemy, however, he has never succeeded on the first try. He basically has to fail several times before he can succeed.”

“Huh!” Jack exhaled heavily and took the pill over and looked at it carefully: “It’s not bad, I got lucky that it succeeded, but it’s not very good, it’s pretty average!”

“It’s pretty good that it succeeded, and you still think it’s not good enough?”

Daniella gave Jack a blank look: “Had you failed, these materials really would have gone to waste!”

Jack nodded, and then gently put the pill into Daniella’s palm, “This is for you. You have a good talent. I heard that you are just lazy. I hope to help you break through to the middle stage of the True God Realm soon!”

“Well! Thank you then!” Daniella laughed sweetly, her eyes narrowing to a slit, and then said, “I’ll practise at night when I have the time, and when my cultivation base is stable, I’ll use this pill of yours to try and breakthrough!”

After finishing speaking, Daniella put the pill away, and then gently leaned her head on Jack’s shoulder, “Jack, you are too kind to me!”

The two quietly looked at the moonlight outside the cave, and after a short rest, the sky lit up again.

The two quickly flew out of the cave and set off again.

In the morning, the two went very swiftly, they flew a short distance into the forest again before encountering a few monsters on the road, but they were not particularly powerful, and were quickly dealt with by Jack.

However, the yields were not great. Only two black tokens and two first-grade intermediate spirit grasses were found that morning.

In the afternoon, a terrible roar rang again not far in front of the two, which sounded very intense.

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