No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1353

“It appears that there are a lot of people up ahead in battle!”

Daniella frowned: “Let’s go on and take a look, just in case there are people from our family!”

Jack nodded, and followed Daniella, flying in the direction that the sound came from.

After flying for a while, they actually saw that a dozen young people from the Cabello family were surrounded on a patch of grass.Surrounding them were more than 20 people from the Lagorio family and a dozen from the Hunt family masters, looking hatefully at them.

On the ground, there were already seven or eight masters from the Cabello family lying down, no longer breathing.

“Damn it, these Lagorio family people are really shameless, they actually joined forces with the Hunt family to kill our people!” Daniella turned red with anger.

“Your second sister is also there!” Jack smiled helplessly as he looked from afar.

The scene in front of him was not beyond his expectation, the Lagorio family’s people, who were now on bad terms with the White family, had started to curry favor with the Hunt family’s people.

And the people of the Hunt family, obviously because of Jack and Helena’s affairs, had resentment towards both the White family and the Cabello family.

Therefore, it was entirely reasonable for the other party to take action against the Cabello family.

“My sister’s arm seems to be injured. Damn it There are two masters in the middle-stage of the True God Realm in the Hunt family. One of the Lagorio family’s masters in the middle-stage of the True God realm was also there. Even having taken into consideration my second sister’s ability, she is still no match for the three of them combined.”

Daniella soon discovered that Venus also had an additional wound on her arm, and blood flowed out from there, staining her sleeves red.

At this time, the fighting stopped temporarily, and the group of people outside looked at them with a smirk, as if the people inside had become trapped like turtles in an urn.

“Listen to me everyone. All of these Cabello family members must be killed, but keep this Venus alive!”

There was a man in the middle stage of True God Real from the Hunt family who said to everyone, “After all, the second young master has ordered that at that time, should we get an opportunity to catch this Venus or Daniella, when we meet him and hand these two to him, we will be richly rewarded.”

“Sure enough, this Second Young Master is truly outstanding, having thought out exactly what needed to be done and having you all execute his wishes.”

A man from the Lagorio family laughed playfully.

“Haha, yes, there are a lot of masters here, and there are also two top masters in the True God Realm. If they are dead, I’m afraid the Hunt family will be very angry.”

However, at this time, not far behind him, Jack’s voice slowly rang.

“Second Miss, it is Third Miss, and the Young Master of the White Family! Great, the young master of the White Family seems to be in the middle stage of the True God Realm, and the Third Young Lady has also reached the True God Realm. Are we saved?”

There was a young woman from the Cabello family. After seeing Jack, her eyes lit up and she said to Venus on the side.

Venus was delighted after seeing that it was indeed Jack. She knew that Jack had a flying sword that was very fast. Even if he couldn’t beat them, everyone would only be able to jump on top of Jack’s flying sword. At that time, it should not be difficult to escape, at least not everyone will die here.

As for the other party wanting to capture her alive, it was but a dream. She has already decided. Instead of being defiled by the fat man Chet, it would be better to commit suicide.

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