No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1361

The man who was leading the group was equally frightened. They were afraid of such an encounter with martial practitioners of true god-level ability. The heads on their necks depended on the mood of the stronger fighters. If the stronger ones were unhappy, the weaker ones had to say goodbye to their heads.

They truly did not expect to meet strong masters from the Cabello family this late at night.

Venus shot the other party glances before saying, “Leave the place and find another site to stay!”

“Thank you so much, Second Young Mistress Cabello!”

These men before the Cabellos let out a sigh of relief in their hearts and quickly left the scene.

“Sigh. They’re really unlucky to run into the Second Young Master of the Hunt family. The tokens that they’ve worked so hard to get the past few days were snatched away just like that! In a blink of an eye!”

Daniella expressed her thoughts as she saw the other party left the cave.

“They’re considered fortunate that the Second Young Master Hunt did not take their lives. Their family has not offended any other families, they’re good. But the reality is cruel. If the Second Young Master Hunt was in a bad mood, I’m afraid that they will no longer be alive!”

“Hahaha, it’s been a long time!”

Venus’s expression morphed into one of horrified shock in the next second.

At this moment, a cheerful yet sinister laugh shot through the air in the cave. The Second Young Master Hunt and several of his men strode toward the direction of the cave from the woods not far away. He looked at Venus and the others smilingly.

“What the heck! Aren’t we too unfortunate? Jack is in the most critical moment in creating the pill right now and he’s gotten nearer and nearer to the end. If he’s disturbed, I think everything will be ruined!”

Daniella’s forehead creased as she spoke to Venus. Concerns and worries were all written on her face.

Venus’s expression hardened. “His martial status is the same as mine. I’ll try to hold him up for a while, and we’ll have to put our bet on Jack. See if he can succeed.” She added.

“Okay. You’ve never fought him before, and I heard that his fighting prowess is very strong and powerful. Second Sis, you have to be extra careful!”

Daniella pressed her lips together and the lines between her brows grew deeper. She was worried for Venus.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be careful!”

Venus replied in a gentle voice.

“Oh my little beauties, what are you muttering over there? Hmm?”

The Second Young Master Hunt stopped not far away and waved his hand, while his men dispersed and surrounded the cave in formation.

The masters of the Cabello family who were inside the cave came to the entrance immediately when they heard sounds coming from outside.

Their faces blanched and turned unsightly when they found out that the other party was the Hunt family.

“Nah, nothing worth your attention. Second Young Master Hunt, it’s really been a long time! How’re you doing lately?”

Venus flashed an awkward smile. This was the first time she met the Second Young Master Hunt since the competition started. She was clueless to the fact that the current Second Young Master Hunt was no longer lingering around the intermediate stage of the true god realm and has broken through to the late stage of the true god realm. His combat prowess was a few times stronger than Helena who was already at the late stage of true god realms for several years.

Nonetheless, the Second Young Master Hunt did not know Venus intended to stall him. He simply thought that Venus and the others had already fallen into his grips and were trapped. “Well, I’m doing quite well lately. We’re the Hunt family, you know, many of those people from what second-class or third-class families surrender their tokens the second they see me. I don’t even have to fight them! Haha!” he said slowly.

He then stretched his back and added in a prideful tone, “Sigh! It’s really amazing to have high combat prowess and martial status. Everything will be smooth sailing and effortless for me. And such a tournament, for someone like me, actually means nothing!”

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