No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1362

“What do you mean by it means nothing? Would you mind elaborating?”

Venus asked deliberately to hold him up and create more time for Jack.

“Heh, it’s not that simple? Those fighters from the second and third-class families can only surrender their tokens to me when they meet me. I don’t even have to fight for it and the tokens are already in my hands. There are not many that can defeat me, even your sister is no match for me! Well, except for my brother, I don’t think there’s anyone else on this earth that can defeat me. Was I clear enough?”

Chet chortled and added, “I’m definitely in the top three in the tournament this time. And based on the overall result, the Hunt family is definitely number one!”

“You’re a little overconfident, aren’t you? I don’t think my sister is weaker than you!”

Venus sneered. Hints of contempt formed in her eyes.

“Heh, you’re not informed, are you? Your sister was almost captured alive by me before. If it wasn’t for that b*stard Jack, who took advantage of my inattention and fled with your sister, she’d have become my woman by now! Hmph!”

The Second Young Master Hunt snorted coldly. He rubbed his chin and looked at both Venus and Daniella in front of him. “But well, God is fair to me. Your sis has indeed gotten away from my grip, but now God has sent both of you to me. Hehe! It’s going to be even more fun this time around!” he expressed playfully.

Venus did not expect Chet to be such a b*stard and shamelessly spill those words. “Oh wow, I initially thought that since you have excellent talent and exceptional alchemy skill, you would be a decent gentleman! I truly didn’t expect that the Second Young Master of the legendary Hunt family to be such a brazen and shameless jerk!”

“A decent gentleman? Heh!”

Chet laughed out loud after hearing Venus’s words. “Is being a decent gentleman worthwhile? In the past, I was very conscious of my image and reputation, wanting to become a ‘decent gentleman’ in your eyes, but what has it brought me? In the end, I’m only a fool who was neglected by the three of you!”

The more Chet expressed his feeling, the more agitated he became. “On the contrary, I found that this time the tournament is really tailor-made for me! I don’t have to take into account your feelings. Whoever I want to kill, I will kill, whoever I want to violate, I will violate, including you, the legendary Three Golden Flowers of the Cabello family! Gentleman? Decent man? Bullsh*t! You’ll not fall in love with me even if I’m decent! You dislike my ugliness, and my fattiness, don’t you?”

“Funny. We won’t like someone like you, even if you’re good-looking!”

Daniella rolled her eyes at the other party and countered without giving face to the other party.

“Hmph, you don’t like me, right? It’s alright. I’ll make you like me in a moment!”

The Second Young Master Hunt grunted coldly. He clenched his fists and a layer of chi energy formed around his fists. The chi energy was vibrating aggressively around his fists.

Venus, on the other hand, was tongue-tied at the situation. She initially planned to hold him up for a while, hence she deliberately asked questions to take Chet for a conversational stroll. But, one sentence from Daniella had completely agreed with the beast inside Chet.

“Daniella, why did you provoke him!”

Venus expressed her dissatisfaction. She was left with no other way but to step forward with gritted teeth and clenched fists. The chi energy surrounded her clenched fists as well. “I hope I can hold him up for a little longer,” she said

Daniella only then realized her mistake. Her words caused her and the others the trouble that she could not imagine. She was rendered speechless. She could only ball her fists and enclosed them with chi energy and stood beside her sister. “Venus, this fella is way too powerful. You would find it difficult to fight him alone. We’ve to join forces together to fight him. Besides, we don’t know about the incident that involved Helena, not sure if he was bragging or if it was true!”

“Alright, your martial status is not low, we shall fight together!”

Venus nodded. The two exchanged glances and charged toward Chet in a flash.

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