No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1364

“Heh? Just this?”

When Chet looked at this martial technique, a cold smile formed on his face. “What makes you think that a first-grade premium level yet basic technique would earn you the win? You’re using a technique that people of second-class families uses!”

Chet recognized this martial technique at first glance. It was an elementary technique. He then clenched his fist and enclosed it with chi energy and blasted out with a single punch.

In front of him, a larger fist-shape chi attack was formed and the attack seemed even more solid than the attack that Venus had just blasted out.

A huge thud sounded. Venus’s attack was easily countered by the other party, even, the other party had cast a more powerful chi attack. Waves of chi energy headed straight toward Venus and blasted her a few meters away. She could taste the bittersweet in her throat, and the next second, mouthfuls of blood spewed out of her mouth.

“I’m getting bored. Let’s end this!”

Chet, once again, let out a cold smile and slapped out another punch.

This time, an even larger palm-shaped chi attack flew out of his palm. The air around the attack vibrated vigorously and the leaves on the trees nearby had fallen due to the strong air vibration. Leaves and dust began to dance with the wind resulting from the chi energy. The attack was more terrifying than the previous one.

In facing the frightening chi attack, Venus’s eyes were filled with a grave and solemn look. She then flipped her palm and drew out a precious sword, and began to inject her chi energy into the sword.


Venus let out a soft cry and swung her sword. A semi-circular blade was shot out and headed straight for the palm-shaped chi attack. The blade attack carried unrelenting chi energy.

“Heh? A second-grade martial technique? From the looks of it, it should be a second-grade elementary level!”

On the opposite side, Chet’s eyes slightly lit up at the blade attack in front of him. “This martial skill is not bad. And you made it seem terrifying too. Good job! But, it’s nothing in front of me. You’re still too naïve to hope that this kind of attack could counter my attack!”

Just before Chet’s words fell, the attacks from both sides once again collided with a deafening sound, causing the masters of the Hunt family—who stood not far away—to stumble a few steps back. The clash between the two powerhouses, allowing them to, once again, witness the strength of the top three of the shadow families.

The huge palm-shaped chi attack was naturalized a lot by the blade attack, however, the blade attack by Venus was obviously not solid and strong enough to hold back Chet’s attack. Chet’s attack had slowly devoured every bit of Venus’s attack.

“Dammit! He’s too powerful! We’re simply not his opponent. He’s completely at a different level!”

Venus’s face turned even more unsightly at the realization. Beads of sweat were dripping down from her forehead.

In order to make her attack a little more powerful, she had actually injected some of her mental strength into it, so that her attack could be stronger and more solid.

Nonetheless, if her attack was destroyed, she would also suffer severe injury.


Sure enough, Venus’s sword aura was completely destroyed by Chet. She spurted out plenty of blood.

Chet’s palm-shaped chi attack was only neutralized by a little. With the remaining chi attack, it continued to rush forward and was about to land on Venus’s tiny body.

“It’s over. I’ll be seriously injured this time!”

Venus could not help but smile bitterly at the situation before her. The other party was already at the late stage of the true god realm. The thickness and powerfulness of his chi energy was nothing she could compare with.

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