No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1366

“What a strong aura! Can Young Master Jack take it?” Several young people from the Cabello family started worrying for Jack after they felt the Second Young Master Hunt’s strength.

“There’s nothing to worry about. We’ve witnessed Young Master Jack’s combat power before this!” said the several women who adored Jack, confidently so. “Their strength must be comparable even if he can’t win. By then, there would still be time for us to escape. Anyway, it wouldn’t be an issue if Young Master Jack took action!”

“Tiger Roaring Fist!” came Second Young Master Hunt’s roar, fists balled tightly as he punched toward the person in front of him.

“Roar!” The sound of a terrifying tiger roar could be heard following his punch. A tiger accumulated by his Chi appeared in front of him.

The realistic tiger seemed to stand a few meters tall as it carried itself like the king of the jungle.

“Oh my god!” Face contorted in horror, Daniella yelled to the rest, “Everybody, back off!”

Members of the Hunt family were also startled by this. They traveled some distance away as they were afraid of getting hurt in the fight.

“Young man, do you know how strong I am right now?” Second Young Master Hunt smiled coldly. “I’ve already connected my mental strength with this attack so that its power can be maximized to the strongest level. This is all to end you, right here, right now!”

“Let’s see if you’re capable of that!” Jack curled his hands into fists and also punched forward. A light-blue color dragon took to the air as a frightening dragon’s sound could be heard.

This dragon seemed to be equally shocking. The dragon seemed lifelike in appearance as its whiskers, talons, and scales could be made out clearly.

“What the f*ck?! This martial skill is quite strong!” Daniella’s eyes lit up when she saw this. “Is this the Tiger Dragon Fight? Where did Jack get this martial skill from? He’s impossible; this is a second-grade intermediate martial skill!”

“Seems like you’re strong enough to stand against me, young man!” Second Young Master Hunt’s fighting spirit was also ignited. “You’re a surprise in this competition. It looks like you’ve broken through and achieved the final stages of the true-god level. It’s impossible for you to carry out such a powerful attack if you hadn’t! You’ve broken through, so it’s no surprise you dare fight me!”

Jack was speechless. “Let me show you my fighting prowess!”

Jack slowly released his suppressed aura after he spoke. For the first time, the aura of his body and his vibration that he hid well for so long was released.

“I—Impossible!” Second Young Master Hunt shook his head continuously when he felt that Jack’s aura was much stronger than his. “Based on your vibration, you still have the fighting prowess of an intermediate stage at the true god level, but your aura has already achieved the final stage, maybe even the peak stage of the true-god level. What… What martial art technique did you train yourself with?”

“Haha… I don’t think there’s a need to explain that to you!” Jack laughed, no longer bothering to continue. With a wave of his hand, the dragon flew to the sky before rushing down at the tiger.


Second Young Master Hunt also waved his hand and the tiger in front of him rushed forward.

Both animals immediately crashed onto each other.

“Die!” Second Young Master Hunt gritted his teeth as he looked forward in hatred. He had tightly connected his mental strength with the tiger.

Jack could also feel how strong Second Young Master Hunt’s combat power was. If that was not the case, Helena, who was already in the final stage of the true-god level, could not have lost to him.

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