No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1367

Nonetheless, Jack’s combat power was much stronger than Helena’s.

“Go!” Focusing his line of sight, he controlled the dragon to roar continuously with his mental strength. The dragon lunged at his opponent with its huge talons.

Unable to withstand its might, the tiger slowly fell apart.

Although Jack’s dragon had started to dim and looked like it would break at any moment, its attack was much stronger than the tiger’s, and that showed.

Eventually, Second Young Master Hunt could not hold up as he vomited a mouthful of blood. He turned pale as he stumbled a couple of steps backward.

“How’s this possible? He’s wounded?!” The Hunt family prodigies that were extremely confident in Young Master Hunt were floored at the turn of events before their eyes, and they wondered if they were hallucinating.

Jack’s attack had genuinely wounded Second Young Master Hunt.

‘This is great!’ Inwardly ecstatic, Helena nearly leaped in excitement. She could never have withstood Second Young Master Hunt’s attack.

However, not only did Jack withstand this attack, but he even destroyed the attack and wounded the opponent.

The dragon had dimmed and turned smaller, though it still rushed toward Second Young Master Hunt with its overpowering dragon’s might.

Second Young Master Hunt saw the dragon come rushing to him the moment he vomited blood, and he was so frightened that his face continued to pale. In a hurry, he could only gather a thin layer of Chi protective layer around his body to protect himself.

Second Young Master Hunt regained a faint peace of mind after he protected himself. He was lucky to have made it in time, or he would have been badly wounded if he was struck by the remaining wave of energy from Jack’s attack.

The dragon carried its remaining power and crashed against Second Young Master Hunt’s protective layer the moment it was formed.

The protective layer started to tremble and the strong impact forced Second Young Master Hunt to move several steps backward.

Second Young Master Hunt’s face was covered in cold sweat, but he managed to withstand it in the end as the barrier blocked the entire attack.

“It looks like there’s still some difference!” Jack sighed faintly when he saw how his opponent managed to hold himself against his attack. He seemed to be displeased with himself.

Second Young Master Hunt’s heart bled when he heard this. This guy had wounded him already, yet he was still displeased with what he did. This was a huge humiliation to him.

“You got on my nerves, young man!” Second Young Master Hunt dismissed his protective layer and moved forward. With the flip of his hand, a sword appeared.

“A middle-grade spiritual weapon?” Jack gave it a glance before taking out his sword with a flip of his hand. He then infused his Chi into his black sword.

The sword in Jack’s hand immediately emitted a daunting wave of fluctuation. As for Jack, his imposing manner had increased by several folds compared to previously.

“What is this weapon? Even his momentum has changed!” Several young people from the Hunt family grew fearful when they saw Jack’s sword and the confidence Jack unconsciously showed.

If… If their Second Young Master Hunt died, none of them—who had low fighting prowess—could escape.


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