No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1368

“It’s an ultimate-grade spiritual weapon!” Chet soon felt the difference of that black sword in Jack’s hands. Initially pompous and confident in himself, he grew wary as realization dawned on him, his doubt reflected in his expression.

“What?! It’s an ultimate-grade spiritual weapon?”

“No wonder this guy is so confident; it’s because he owns such an invaluable item!”

“I wonder if the second young master can still defeat that guy this time!” Several members of the Hunt family were slightly worried after they confirmed that the sword in Jack’s hands was indeed an ultimate-grade spiritual weapon.

“Don’t worry. Our second young master had trained his martial skill, Hundred Leaves Chop, to its best. His combat power isn’t something a normal person can compete with. As for Jack, even though he has the support of an ultimate grade spiritual weapon, he’s only in an intermediate of the true-god level. There’s still a lot of hope for us!” a man from the Hunt family said confidently after he thought about it.

With that, many of them grew somewhat more confident about the situation after they heard this analysis.

“Hundred Leaves Chop!” At this moment, Chet swung his sword toward Jack.

One by one, attacks in the form of leaves appeared in front of him. There were more than 100 leaf blades as they covered a huge space.

Jack eyed the attack and discovered that these leaves were much faster compared to those Chet used to attack Helena before. These leaves were also sharper than before.

This guy was an indisputable master as his fighting prowess had once again risen within these couple of days upon entering the forest.

Jack had no doubt that Chet would be able to break through and achieve the peak stage of the true-god level if he focused on training.

“Blade Wave!” As he noted the leaves aiming toward him, Jack swung his sword and used his second-grade premium martial skill, Blade Wave.

Waves of sword aura appeared in front of Jack as though they were like flying swords. The flying swords coagulated into waves and went surging toward Chet, endless as they attacked him.

“This guy has a second-grade premium martial skill too?” Second Young Master Hunt was extremely frightened when he saw Jack’s attack. He remembered how Jack also used a martial skill when he rescued Helena, but that martial skill was not as domineering as this one.

Nonetheless, the previous martial skill was just as daunting.

Two horrifying attacks collided against one another at that moment, and bursts of explosions could be heard.

Members from both the Cabello family and the Hunt family watched on, utterly nervous. Everybody knew that such a fight between experts would decide the outcome this time.

No matter which side won, the other party would only be left with death.

Within seconds, the members of the Hunt family started exclaiming as they realized that there was something wrong about the situation, “This is bad. Second Young Master Hunt’s Hundred Leaves Chop couldn’t break through Jack’s attack. The leaves were crushed upon impact!”

“Run!” One of them turned around and started flying toward the forest, not bothering to think twice about the situation.

“Go after them!” Daniella immediately ordered members of the Cabello family when she saw how the people from the other side had prepared to escape.


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