No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1371

Trenton then continued, as if he saw the fight with his own eyes, “No doubt, Second Young Master Hunt hates your son for that. It’s highly likely that they had a fight to the death if they happened to meet during the competition. Your son is highly suspicious in this case!”

“Nonsense!” Nash was so angry that his face turned green as he resentfully snapped, “My son is quite strong, but he’s just broken through and achieved the true-god level intermediate stage recently, around one month ago. Even if Second Young Master Hunt hadn’t broken through, my son wouldn’t have bested him. Moreover, Second Young Master Hunt had already broken through and achieved the final stage of the true god level. How could my son stand up against him?”

Agitated to the extreme, Nash could not allow Trenton to blame Chet’s death on members of the White family.

The Hunt family’s old master was also infuriated and stood there in silence. He spoke up when he saw how agitated Nash was, “That’s enough. I don’t think your son is capable enough. I know my grandson’s combat power, and he had trained the second-grade premium martial skill to its best. Together with the fact that the middle-grade spiritual tool can also increase his combat power, it’s impossible for that illegitimate son of your family to kill him!”

Nash relaxed when he heard this. With a faint gesture of his hands, he commented, “Old Master Hunt is a wise man. It’s obvious that this old b*stard Trenton Lagorio is trying to sow discord and get rid of us with a borrowed knife!”

“Haha! Why are you so agitated, Nash White? I was just making assumptions since nobody knows about the situation in the forest at this moment. We can’t even hear the fighting noises there as everything has been isolated by this blue-colored cover. Who knows if your son truly did it? You’re so agitated because you’re afraid and guilty!” Although Trenton also felt that Jack did not do this, he did not want to miss out on this great opportunity to frame Jack.

After all, Jack would really be in trouble if he succeeded in persuading everyone. There was a possibility that the White family would be ripped apart without Trenton doing anything about it.

“I don’t want to waste my time talking to you—all you know is framing others!” Antagonized, Nash crossed his arms at his chest as he ignored Trenton.

Master Lucas, Master Canmore, and even Master Cabello had grim expressions as their families had prodigies at the final stage of the true-god level. Hence, all of them felt that there was a possibility that somebody from their families killed Second Young Master Hunt.

Alejandro Cabello was extremely worried as Second Young Master Hunt had pursued Helena before. What if Helena was the one who killed Second Young Master Hunt because he pestered her during the competition?

After all, he felt that Helena had a terrifying combat power, and it was very likely she was the one who killed him.

Trenton suddenly glanced at Alejandro at this moment. He thought about it before he patted his head and said, “I get it now. That guy Jack might not be able to defeat Second Young Master Hunt, but what if he worked with Eldest Young Mistress Cabello? That’s likely, no? Jack has quite strong fighting prowess, and Eldest Young Mistress Cabello has the fighting prowess of the true-god level’s final stage!”

Jared had a small frown on his face as he turned to Alejandro.

Alejandro was inwardly nervous, considering Jared had the highest combat power among all the family masters. Even the number one master, the first elder from the Cabello family, was not his opponent.

This was the first time he felt afraid as he met Jared’s cold, hateful gaze.

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