No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1372

“What sort of nonsense is that?!” Alejandro aimed his glare at Trenton. “Master Lagorio, don’t you think I’d kill you if you continue speaking such nonsense? On what grounds are you saying that my daughter is the killer when you don’t have any evidence? Show us the evidence if you’re so capable!”

“That’s right. It’s in your best interest to not wrong others without any evidence!” The White family and Cabello family had bad blood between them for a long while, and that placed them both at odds with each other.

However, this was the first time Nash sided with Alejandro.

“That’s right. Jack had just broken through and achieved the true-god level intermediate stage, so his combat power isn’t strong. Also, while it’s true that my daughter is powerful in her own rights, it wouldn’t have been so easy if they wanted to kill the Second Young Master Hunt. I don’t think they’d both be able to kill him, even when they worked together!” refuted Alejandro angrily.

“Haha… That’s hard to say. What if your daughter pretended to seduce Second Young Master Hunt with her beauty? After all, it’s difficult for Second Young Master Hunt to resist her seduction, since he likes her so much. What if she attacked the second young master sneakily when his guard was down? Wouldn’t the second young master be in trouble then?” Trenton started laughing; it was obvious he would utilize the situation to the best he could for his gain.

The memory of Nash ripping his daughter’s fighting prowess set him ablaze with hatred.

Unable to tolerate Trenton’s nonsense, the Cabello family’s first elder walked forward and snapped, “Trenton Lagorio, you’re like a dog right now—a rabid dog, might I add. Do you plan to bite anybody you see?” He looked at the crowd and continued, “Among the master from the Lucas family, Canmore family, Tudor family, and even the Trevino family, which family doesn’t have masters that are in the final stage of the true-god level? Even if one can’t manage it, what if several masters work together? Haha… You framing our eldest young mistress baselessly disgust us!”

Similarly, Master Tudor stepped up to the plate and chimed in, all while she wore an indifferent smile, “That’s right. I think that this might be the doing of the Lagorios. Don’t the Lagorio family have beautiful ladies, too? Haha…! Since Master Lagorio was the first to speak of seducing one with beauty for a sneak-attack, I’m sure the members of your family are no strangers to such a tactic!”

Master Lucas was also afraid that it was his son. He thought about it and asked Jared tentatively, “By the way, Master Hunt, since you’re the one who activated this formation, do you know who killed your son via this formation? Apart from that, can your secret technique only inform you that your son died and which of your sons died, but not the killer’s identity?”

In fact, this was the first time anyone heard about such an undisclosed technique, and it piqued their curiosity greatly. They had no idea that Master Hunt could come up with something like this.

Jared smiled bitterly. “I am the one who restored this formation, but this is how the formation is. How would I know what happened in the forest?”

Jared paused here for a short moment before he continued, “I used this secret technique on my sons because I was worried about them, and also because I wanted to test this secret technique. Alas, this technique can’t reveal his killer.”

Master Lucas, Master Canmore, and the other family masters inwardly relaxed when they heard this. All of them were afraid that it was a master from their family who did this. After all, even though they were strong, they were still weaker when compared to the Hunt family. Apart from that, who would offend the Hunt family without any reason?

“By the way, Master Hunt, didn’t you all agree that life and death are personal responsibilities when participating in this competition? In my opinion, Master Hunt should repress your grief and accord with this inescapable change. Is Master Hunt intending to investigate the matter? That doesn’t sound fair… When I paid you a visit yesterday, you purposely told me that this competition aims to challenge our prodigies, and that there might be a lot of deaths…” Master Tudor, Karima, smiled and continued, “Hence, the prodigies you spoke of must’ve included your son and other members of your Hunt family, am I right? It’s unfair that our masters can die during the competition and yours can’t, right?”

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