No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1373

The corners of Jared’s mouth slightly twitched when he heard this.

The Hunt family’s first elder stepped forward and glared at Karima angrily while he spoke, “Karima, what’s the meaning of this? How can this be the same? That is our Hunt family master’s son, and the second young master is the proudest son of our family master. Second young master is not only talented, but he’s also a second-grade elementary alchemist. How can you compare such a master with yours?”

“Haha…! It looks like you people never planned to treat all of them equally!” Karima smiled coldly. “If that’s the case, you guys should’ve never allowed your family master’s son to join the battle!”

“That’s right! Are you implying that our sons aren’t human beings?”

“You’ve gone too far this time. How could our sons die but yours can’t? Why did you people set such a rule for this competition then?” One by one, some of the elders and family masters from the third-class aristocratic families stood forward and started to show their infuriation.

After all, they had started to worry about their prodigies upon learning the competition’s rules. They somehow felt that this competition was a way for Master Hunt to weaken the strength of other families, in fear that some of the families had too many masters and would surpass their family in the future.

They could do nothing about it when rules were set in stone.

Nonetheless, how could they not get angry when the other party expressed such a controversial thought?

“First Elder, what nonsense are you speaking about?” argued Old Master Hunt with a cold expression on his face when he saw that the first elder had caused a wave of outrage. “This is a competition, and everything should follow the rules since it’s a competition!”

He paused and glanced at Karima before he added, “Master Tudor is right. Her children had joined the competition, and whose children aren’t children? No matter how talented they are, they need to experience adversity. It’s fated for Chet to die in this competition, and there’s nothing to grumble about. We’re martial artists, and we should have looked past life and death!”

Jared eventually nodded, anger suppressed before a smile slowly formed on his face. “Everyone has a point,” he began, “I was just sad because the news of my son’s sudden death shocked me, though I don’t plan to look into it. Regardless of which young master or young mistress from which family killed my son, this only means that there’s an extremely strong master from your lineage. Congratulations.”

“Master Hunt truly is a wise man,” spoke Karima with a gesture of her hands.

“Master Hunt is really understanding.”

“That’s right. We have to follow the rules that we set. Otherwise, how do we convince others?” spoke the other family masters, one by one.

Alejandro inwardly relaxed as he felt that Second Young Master Hunt’s killer was Helena—it was highly likely. Chet did like her, and being the stubborn person she was, she definitely would not agree to it. It was entirely normal for battles to the death to happen under those circumstances.

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