No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1374

“Haha… Don’t worry, the Hunt family can still afford to lose. Apart from that, how can we not follow the rules we set?” Old Master Hunt laughed and seemed to have forgotten that the person who died was his grandson.

However, everybody knew the old man would never ignore his grandson’s death entirely. If he knew who did this, he would do his worst and wreak havoc to that person’s life. He would also kill that person if the opportunity surfaced.

“That’s right, let’s all wait and see. Have a look: Several dots of light disappeared from that area, and that meant several people died. I wonder which family they’re from!” spoke Jared, chuckling as he purposely diverted the conversation while pointing at some area on the screen.

Many people from the families sighed when they heard this. They had made their assumptions when they saw the dots of light disappearing from the screen during this competition. As Jared reminded them of it, they inwardly prayed and hoped that more masters from their families would come back alive.

In the huge light-blue colored cover, Helena and the others finally flew back at this moment and arrived in front of Jack.

Jack looked at Venus and Daniella before he asked, “How did it go? Have you killed all of them? None of them escaped, right?”

Daniella smiled bitterly and said. “One of them escaped, and this guy took a flying sword out. Since everyone ran away in different directions, scattered, that guy managed to escape.”

Jack’s expression faltered upon hearing the report. “That’s gonna be troublesome. If we kill all of them, nobody would know who killed the Second Young Master Hunt. With that guy escaping and if he leaves this place alive, members of the Hunt family would know that I was the one who killed him.”

“What are you afraid of? The Hunt family are the ones who made the law. They said that life and death are personal responsibilities, and nobody is allowed to look into it after the competition,” spoke a woman from the Cabello family disinterestedly.

However, Venus shook her head. “True, he said that, but he naturally hoped that those who’d die are children from other families, not his own. Under normal circumstances, nobody would really kill his son even if they had the opportunity to do so. That’s their way of giving honor to the Hunt family!”

“That’s right,” Daniella chimed in. “How can he not care about what happened, now that his son is dead? He said that they won’t look into the matter, but only for a moment. Who knows if they’d find some other excuse after some time to cause conflict between both families and attack the other party?”

The woman from the Cabello family glowered at the thought. She turned to Jack and muttered, “That’ll be troublesome. Goodness gracious, we allowed somebody from their side to escape…!”

“I’m sorry, Young Master Jack. We’re useless!” whimpered another master from the Cabello family, head lowered in shame.

Jack smiled when he saw everyone around them had lowered their heads like children who had made mistakes. “It’s alright. No doubt, it’s difficult to kill all of them when there are so many of them, and they even escaped in different directions. Apart from that, that guy had a flying sword and was so fast. It’s understandable that none of you could catch up with him.”

“Jack, you were the one who killed Second Young Master Hunt, and we’re thankful that you appeared in time. We won’t divide the things in his martial ring with you. You can keep it!”

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