No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1377

“Yes, let’s go. We need to leave here quickly, and we can’t stay in this cave tonight!” Venus immediately spoke up. It was not good if the Hunt family was informed about what happened in this place.

The group of people immediately left the place.

“Oh, thank goodness. We’ve found you guys at last, Young Master Jack!” Jack and the others met a group of people in an open area after flying for half an hour. They were Beth, Yule, and the White family’s other prodigies.

Jack was slightly relieved when he saw so many familiar faces. “How are you guys doing? Did you guys meet with any troubles?”

Yule smiled as she spoke, “Everything is fine. We’ve been on our best guard and hid far away when we meet people we can’t afford to offend. We bumped into some from the Lagorio family, though, and they wanted to take our things despite their somewhat average fighting prowess. As a result, we killed them and took all their tokens!”

Beth immediately walked forward and took a martial ring out from her pocket before handing it to Jack. “We saved all the tokens into this martial ring and thought of handing it to you when we meet you. Haha…! We’ve gained quite a lot of tokens. We found a handful of them and snatched some from prodigies of third-rated aristocratic families!”

“Tokens are a small issue—being careful is your priority.” Jack felt a slight warmth in his heart. After all, Yule, Dawson, Nikini, and the others were extremely talented, though they lacked time and resources to train. He believed that if they got out alive and trained well after they went home, their family would have many experts of the true-god level in the future.

Dawson smiled bitterly and said, “Young Master Jack, we discovered that members of the Hunt family who entered this competition enjoyed killing. They didn’t let go of those with lower fighting prowess, even though they handed their tokens obediently. I saw a group of people from the Hunt family chasing after a few prodigies from the Lucas family!”

“That’s right. I saw members from the Hunt family hunting people from the Lucas family yesterday. The masters from the Lucas family had already given up their tokens and all their spirited grass, but the other party still hunted them to kill them!”

At that moment, Yule also walked forward and piped in, “The people from the Hunt family have gone too overboard. How can they spare none, even though they have so many experts?”

Jack smiled bitterly after he heard this. “The members of the Hunt family and Lagorio family even cooperated to hunt people from the other families. I think they chose to hold this competition here and made it thirty days because the Hunt family noticed other families had grown well during recent years, so they want to kill our masters. They want the other families to have a temporary deficit in manpower so they can enjoy their position in the ranks!”

“They’re so hateful and shameless!” Daniella tightened her fists, enraged without relief. “Curse them! The next time I meet somebody from the Hunt family, I’ll kill them without being afraid of offending the Hunt family!”

“Alright.” Jack nodded. “The other families have no idea about the Hunt family’s intention. These competitors would let go of the Hunt family members with lower fighting prowess once they surrender so they won’t offend the Hunt family. The Hunt family, on the other hand, would kill them all without a chance of escaping, given the opportunity to do so. If that’s the case, many members from the other families might die.”

Helena was speechless. “This is really instigating. We met several members of the Hunt family yesterday. We let them go after they proactively handed their tokens to us and asked me to let them go. I’m afraid that they would not let the other members of the Cabello family go in the future.”

“The next time any of you meet people from the Hunt family, kill them even if they surrender! Our people will only be safe if more of their people die, especially those at the final stage of demi-god level, peak stage of demi-god level, and true-god level!” Jack balled his fists tightly and gritted his teeth, all while fury burned in his eyes.

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