No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1378

Everybody rested for the night. In order to be safe, Jack did not let Yule and the others travel by themselves. There were 70 to 80 of them when the members of the Cabello family were gathered together, and all of them continued to travel forward.

However, everybody kept some distance between them to search for the tokens. They then separated, though not too far from one another, and slowly traveled toward the bottom of Kobe Mountain.

It had to be mentioned that there were quite a lot of precious items in Second Young Master Hunt’s martial ring. Apart from a large number of tokens, Jack had gotten quite a substantial amount of spirited grass. However, this was not the most exciting part for him. To him, the most exciting part was that there was a nice pill furnace and a couple of pill remedies in Chet’s martial ring.

Some of the pill remedies among the remedies were for second-grade pills. This excited Jack greatly as he did not have any remedies for second-grade pills, and he worried about what he could do in the future. He never thought he would get a myriad of valuable items after killing Chet.

Of course, Jack took all of these things out and placed them in his martial ring before throwing away Second Young Master Hunt’s martial ring. It would be troublesome if the Hunts found out that Second Young Master Hunt’s martial ring was with him after they left this area.

Jack and the others got several tokens within the next three days. They also met several members of the Lagorio family and Hunt family. True enough, Jack and the others took their items and killed them without hesitation.

Time flew by quickly, and the number of Cabellos and Whites they met gradually grew over time.

The relationship between the Cabello family and White family grew better after they spent their days together; constant fights to take items like what happened before did not happen. Instead, they helped one another when they met with danger and seemed to have become friendly allies.

As they were about to reach the bottom of Kobe Mountain, Jack and the others heard the sound of an intense battle in front of them.

“Let’s go and take a look!” Jack waved his hand and flew over with the others.

It did not take long until they noticed a dozen of the Lagorio family, the Trevino family, and the Hunt family each surrounded about 20 Tudors.

There were also many bodies lying on the ground.

“What’s the meaning of this? You people formed an alliance and are attacking us together?” A woman of the Tudor family at the true-god level’s initial stage was infuriated as she glared heatedly at the people in front of her.

There were quite a large number of them and they would be safe and secure under normal circumstances, unless they met a huge group of people or some psychos who were in the intermediate stage or final stage of the true-god level.

Never did the Tudors expect to meet 40 to 50 people from a group formed by three families that wanted to attack them.

“You people are despicable. We’re willing to give you our tokens yet you still refuse to agree!” Another man from the Tudor family was so angry that his face turned green. “This is just a competition! Do you people need to be so ruthless?”

“Haha… What about the competition? This time, our master said that we can kill as we like. These are the rules; what can we do? You weaklings deserve to be killed!” sneered one of the men from the Hunt family as he cackled loudly.

“Really?” A voice, at that moment, chimed in out of the blue, coming from behind them. “This means that you’re weak and deserve to be killed?”

“It’s somebody from the White family!” The people from the Tudor family were delighted as they had a good relationship with the White family and they would always help each other. Apart from that, Jack was a master in the true-god level’s intermediate stage. They were not sure if the members of the White family would help them after they arrived.

“Why are the Whites together with the Cabellos?” A member of the Tudor family frowned before they spoke, smiling bitterly, “I almost forgot that Young Master Jack and the Eldest Young Mistress Cabello are a couple right now. It’s no wonder that their members would travel together.”


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