No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1383

Inside the light shield, more than one hundred members of the White family were very excited upon seeing Jack and others. They hid in the tree, and only after they discovered that it was Jack and others, did they jump down from the tree.

“Great, at least there are still so many White family members waiting here!”

Jack was a little relieved when he saw so many White family members here. He was afraid that by that point in time many White family members would have died.

At least, there are already more than a hundred here, and the other White Family members did not know how many more were left, and where they were scattered.

“Brother Jack, what do we do now? Do we have to wait here?”

Yule asked Jack after thinking about it.

“Well, we will wait two more days, after all, there are still many White family members who should still be coming here!”

Jack nodded and said after thinking about it.

“My God, your people, are they all waiting here? This was discussed before, right? I really envy you, our people don’t know what’s going on now, we don’t know how many from our Tudor family are still alive.”

A master of the late True God Realm from the Tudor Family saw such a large group of White Family people waiting here, and was filled with envy.

“Fortunately, we also came early. They were not discovered by more people. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if they were seen by people from other families!”

Jack couldn’t help but smile. After all, he discovered that most of the White Family masters waiting here were in the demi-god stage, with only one or two in the initial stage of True God Realm, and there were seven or eight of the other ninth grade masters.

With such masters gathered, had they really met a powerful family with only a few strong people, it would not be that dangerous.

“This is alright since they are all gathered together with some strong masters. If there were no strong ones, it would have been quite dangerous!”

After Helena thought about it, she nodded seriously.

At this moment, not far from the horizon, a group of people were fleeing here, behind them, there was a group of people who were chasing them.

Jack, who was sitting in the woods, flew up in a flash, and then looked at it from a distance.

“No, there are several people from the White family and Tudor family who are being chased by more than two dozen people from the Trevino family!”

Jack’s face suddenly sank when he saw it, and in a flash he turned into a streak flying straight ahead.

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