No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1386

“Master White, there are a lot of people on the other side. Moreover, our young master is in the middle stage of the True God Realm. They can’t rush out of the encirclement, because there are three in the Lagorio family In the middle stage of the True God Realm. They also have several in the early stages of the True God Realm, plus there is a large number of them. I don’t know how long our Young Master can hold on!”

Flying through the sky, the Tudor girl was a little worried. Jack had rushed forward to save her people, and her heart was moved, but if Jack rushed over by himself, it seemed a little too reckless.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just go by myself. If I get others to follow, a lot of time will be wasted. I’m afraid I would be late, and then your young master will not be able to hold on!”

Jack smiled bitterly and flew for a while. Soon, the sound of fighting could be heard.

“That’s the direction, right?” Jack pointed to the direction from which the sound of fighting came.

“Yes, we’re almost there!” The woman nodded and looked at Jack. This guy is too confident. It seems that his combat effectiveness is really extraordinary.

“Master, it’s over, we’re dead!”

The people in the middle were still fighting desperately. There was a man standing next to the son of the Tudor family’s Master, feeling a little desperate in his heart.

The number of them is really too small, and as time goes by, the number will decrease.

They now have only more than 30 people left, and there are still more than 90 people on the other side. They’re far outnumbered.

“These guys are really tenacious!”

A man from the Trevino family temporarily stopped his attack. After a long battle, he was exhausted and used a lot of aura, and he was also very tired.

“Haha, don’t expect those people who just fled to be able to find anyone to rescue them. Our people will definitely catch them up and kill them!”

Another Lagorio family man also laughed loudly: “You are too stupid. Just listen to the White family’s people saying that they agreed that the White family should gather in the middle of the foot of the mountain. They really thought that the White family’s people would be able to save them? Even if they found people from the White family, they may not be able to save them!”


Rufus Tudor, the young master of the Tudor family, at this time there were a few sword-chi cuts on his body, and his sleeves were stained red with blood, looking very tragic.

However, he still clenched his teeth and fought because he knew that even if they surrendered, these people would not let them go! they could only fight desperately.

Yesterday, he saw several Tudor family members with his own eyes, who had already surrendered and handed over the token, but in the end they were killed by the other party.

“There are four or five White family members here. If the White family members find out, they will definitely come back to help. Humph, if they can bring one or two hundred White family members over, you will be dead!”

Rufus gritted his teeth, this was their only hope. although he didn’t know whether he could hold on for that long.

The other people also temporarily stopped attacking. while the Lagorio family and Trevino family members stood aside one by one, looking at the people who were surrounded by them, like lambs to be slaughtered.

“I believe the people of the White family and the Tudor family are very loyal, and the relationship between our two families has always been very good!”

Said Rufus after gritting his teeth. He spoke firmly. He knew that It’s their only hope, and he can only say that so everyone will not despair and will continue to kill the enemy, and wait for the arrival of reinforcements.

“Among the White family, I don’t think there are many who can fight. The only one who is more powerful, called Jack. He is only in the middle stage of True God Realm, so even if he comes, it’s useless, you know?”

The man in the middle of True God Realm opposite the Trevino Family laughed again.

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