No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1391

Rufus said directly “Okay, it’s settled, you will be my eldest brother in the future!”

“Okay, Brother Rufus, let’s go!”

After all the spoils were collected, Jack threw the sword in his hand to the ground. The sword became bigger and floated in front of everyone.

“Come on, let’s go over there, we will have a rest after meeting with the troops!”

Rufus took his people and jumped up together, and then sat down on the flying sword: “Brother Jack, your flying sword It’s really amazing. It can fly, and can be used for battle. It seems to increase your combat power by a lot. It should be a middle-grade spiritual weapon, right?”

Before Jack could speak, a White family woman who was extremely proud said: “Master Tudor, this time you just missed it. Our Young Master Jack’s flying sword is not a middle-grade spiritual weapon, it’s an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon!”

“An Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon?”

Rufus and the others took a breath, wondering if they were hearing wrong. They had only heard of an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon once before that, and only the Master of the Hunt family had one in his hands. They didn’t expect that Jack would also have such a treasure.

Seeing the surprised look of the other party, Jack nodded, then controlled the flying sword, and quickly flew towards the middle of Kobe Mountain.

Before reaching the woods, Jack saw from a distance that Daniella, Helena and others had already flown over to stand on top of the trees, looking in this direction from a distance, obviously waiting for them to return.

“Eldest sister, when I came back, I knew that Jack would definitely be able to do it easily!”

After seeing Jack and others, Daniella’s smile was a bit of pride.

For some reason, Helena was a little envious in her heart. She smiled indifferently: “Yes, he is amazing. I have never seen such a master and such an excellent man before!”

“Of course!”

Daniella smiled, then looked around again, and then whispered softly: “Otherwise, why would a beauty like me fall in love with him?”

“Well, I see. I know you have good tastes!”

Helena gave Daniella a look, then thought about it and said again: “But, in this situation, your boyfriend has to continue to play as my boyfriend for a while. I can’t be seen by the Hunt family and let them find an excuse to say that we tricked them!”

“Okay, okay, got it!”

Daniella said without paying attention. After thinking about it, she couldn’t help but joke again: “By the way, sister, you can’t do a fake show, okay?”

Helena’s face suddenly blushed, and she gave Daniella a fierce look: “What are you talking about? That’s your boyfriend. How could I steal him from you? Don’t say that again!”

Daniella smiled sheepishly and said, “Just kidding, sister, Why are you so angry!”

“It’s not a joke!”

Helena glared at Daniella again, and when she saw Jack and others were already close, the two closed their mouths.

“Oh, it turns out that the two beauties of the Cabello family are also here, no wonder Brother Jack flies so fast!”

Rufus smiled heartily after seeing Daniella and Helena.

“There are more than two, there is another one below!”

Daniella looked at Rufus and said again: “Aren’t you the son of the Tudor family Master, Rufus? Why do you call Jack, brother?”

“He will be my elder brother from now on, I am his younger brother!” Rufus said with a grin.

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